The Asus Vivo Tab RT is available on pre-order for $599.99 with online retailers including Staples, Newegg, TigerDirect and FutureShop, The Verge has reported.

Earlier, referred to as Tablet 600, the 10.1-inch Tegra 3 tablet will cost additional $200 if you want to acquire the keyboard docking station.

Apparently, the TigerDirect bundle offering both the tablet and keyboard costs $799.99, while Staples appears to be offering the keyboard at $169.99.

Newegg has stated the tablet will be available Oct.26, while FutureShop is pushing availability to Nov.2, The Verge has pointed out.

The ViVo Tab RT's price tag is seen as an indication of what Microsoft is charging for Windows RT. The Vivo Tab RT with 2GB memory double of what Asus Transformer Prime offers has the same Tegra 3 processor, 10.1 inch display, and 32GB storage, though the latter is priced $100 less at $499.99, The Verge has indicated.

Computerworld has noted how Windows RT tablet price tag may work against it in comparison to market leader iPad, as it tries to compete against the Apple device. Though it comes with additional storage, HDMI slot and MicroSD slot that are not found in an iPad, it may not draw customers like the iPad, especially with such a price tag.

Besides, if the Windows RT tablet considered as budget tablet is priced at $599.99, then it is not too difficult to estimate that a complete Windows 8 tablet may cost more. Unless, Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets revisit their price tags, they may not find takers like iPad, Computerworld has stated.