In business, research and development, dependable marketing techniques and stable business relationships are vital resources to any company. One of the most important things to any company is not giving up. With some companies, when the waters get rough because fear of uncertain results and failed expectations, they cut back, become reserved, or just simply fold.

It is a fact that staying the course does have its rewards, especially when it deals in the oil market. Having goals in place, going through the motions, being patient and seeing positive results makes it all worthwhile. Projections are met, and sometimes exceeded, a sustainable business plan is created, and reassurance for job security and growth are now a reality.

The thought of a single oil well stabilizing creating all this commotion is exciting in itself. So many jobs have now been saved. The economy for the area surrounding the well is secured. The ability to now have projected monthly reviews is welcoming news. The list of positive results that follow is staggering.

American Petro-Hunter, Inc. (OTCBB: AAPH) now has a stabilized oil well producing above expected projections. They established a relationship with N.C.R.A. who recently purchased 770 barrels from them with payment in route. AAPH is extremely happy with this stabilized well. Having a well that can produce up to 75 barrels a day is good news all around.