Jailbreak and iOS developer, Winocm, released one of his last public projects over the weekend, which purportedly allows iOS users and developers to load multiple operating systems onto an iOS device.



The tools and code themselves are raw and provided without support by Winocm. However, according to the readme provided along with the tools on GitHub, a savvy developer should be able to find a way to utilize the combination of tools together to do interesting things with iOS. While Winocm wasn’t explicit in what exactly could be done by using the utilities together, a look into the individual description of each tool indicates that each utility could be used to setup an iOS device to boot multiple operating systems.

An excerpt from the readme:

“Utilities included (and duplicated from opensn0w-X):

* img3maker - Image3 file maker, needed for the decrypted boot chain.

* ibsspatch - iBSS patcher for iOS 7, creates a generic patched iBSS for boot.

* kloader - Image loader for the kernel, bootstraps custom image in RAM.

* multi_kloader - Image loader for two images in memory. See source for boot protocol convention.”

The potential applications of the utilities provided has been demonstrated recently in two videos previous released by the iOS developer, with an iPad 2 dual and triple booting iOS 5, iOS 6 and iOS 7 on an iPad 2 before the public release of the tools.

Whether or not a user-friendly software package will be developed as a result of the public release of these tools is ultimately up to iOS community hackers and developers. However, Winocm noted that the utilities released currently work best on iOS 4, 5 and 6.





If you’re up for the challenge of finding a way of making the software provided by Winocm work together, download the code from GitHub.