Wireless Ronin Technologies has advanced digital signage to the next level with RoninCast®, a full-spectrum platform that allows a complex digital signage network to be easily managed from a central location, announcing a major teaming and co-marketing agreement with Sprint yesterday to provide a fully-hosted digital signage content management solution to customers.

This is a huge move for the Minneapolis-based RNIN, which has gained significant ground on the strength of impressive support for the RoninCast software suite, ranging from consulting and creative development to project management, installation, support, training and hosting via the Company’s own network operations center (NOC).

President and CEO of RNIN, Scott Koller, underscored the advantages of partnering with Sprint, which closed out 2010 with roughly 50M customers, citing the reach and leverage the relationship enables and the springboard potential for RNIN digital signage solutions on the Sprint 4G network.

This partnership will effectively unify Sprint wireless technologies and the end-to-end corporate digital signage network of RNIN. Using the RoninCast platform and footprint of RNIN in the digital signage space, this Sprint/RNIN solution will allow dynamic content engineering with full support from the NOC over Sprint 4G connections.

This Sprint 4G-incorporated RoninCast solution is a breakthrough from a workflow and process standpoint, allowing a degree of robust flexibility for the end user never experienced before. The customer can now easily run a system in parallel with the business network, obliterating most IT integration requirements and making it simple for customers to implement a cost-effective solution with measurable business results.

VP of Sprint’s Emerging Solutions Group, Wayne Ward, touted the partnership with RNIN as an exemplar of what is truly possible in the digital signage space using Sprint’s 4G network.

Ward pointed out that Sprint’s head start in wireless 4G services and industry presence has enabled partners like RNIN to rapidly implement 4G functionality while exploring more of 4G’s vast potential for developing new technological paradigms, like the one this new solution represents.

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