Wisconsin Congressman Fred Clark, who is up against a Republican state senator in a recall election, was recorded saying he wanted to smack around a voter after she hung up on him.

Clark's remarks were recorded by the woman's answering machine. He had called Sue Stapelman, a nurse, in a routine canvassing call when the answering machine answered. Sue answered the phone but the machine kept recording. When Fred introduced himself as running up against Republican Luther Olsen, the nurse replied Yeah, and isn't that a crime and hung up.

After a short pause, the congressman then turned to a campaign team member and said Ok. I feel like calling her back and smackin' her around.

The shocked nurse recalled the incident, saying I was just pretty much flabbergasted when I heard what he said... He obviously doesn't have very much respect for the voters.

Clark fully apologized for the incident on Monday, saying In a moment of frustration after a discouraging phone conversation last week, I made a clearly inappropriate comment to my campaign staffer after the call.

I understand the statement was completely inappropriate under any circumstance and I want to apologize.

I am deeply sorry for any distress this incident my have caused for Mrs Stapelman or anyone in her family.

Despite Clark's apology, the state's GOP is taking full advantage of his remarks, and even published the recording on their website.