This week, the free downloadable content coming to “The Witcher 3” features new finishing animations. These are for hero Geralt, and GameSpot managed to get some images showing off some of the new moves. The DLC will be made available to all platforms.

Free content has been a practice by developer CD Projekt RED for its newest title. Past free expansions include customizations like hairstyles, costumes and animal armor. There is still one more on the horizon following this week’s free DLC, and it may be a big one as reports hint that the developer may be rolling out a new “Witcher 3” game to finish off the onslaught of free DLC post-launch content.

In the meantime, fans who have downloaded the latest “Witcher 3” patch 1.07 may notice some game-changing aspects despite the additions being small and minor. CD Projekt RED previously detailed a rundown of the changes coming with the latest patch.

Most of these are fixes for issues in gameplay, but there are a few that enhance the overall experience. For instance, Geralt now has an alternative movement style. There is an improvement in the game streaming system that lessens blurred textures, reduced NPC spawn times and noticeable improvements in streaming across consoles.

The inventory also has improved. The developer has added a Books tab, which allows easier access to books. Books that already have been read are grayed out, while advisories let players know what they have not yet gone through. VG 24/7 also noted that the inventory is now better in terms of its sorting. Players can now sort their inventories by the type of object, its weight, the value, rarity and durability, making for easier selling or storing.

Still in the storing improvements, players now have more chests where they can store any hand-carry items. These items can be accessed from anywhere, as seen in the green chest icon on the map.

CD Projekt RED also made sure the patch brings stability improvement overall. The patch includes additional settings that slightly decrease the hair and fur image, with HairWorks — a feature in “The Witcher 3” that should have been an innovation — now optimized in different platforms.

"The Witcher 3" patch 1.07 on the PS4 (Credit: YouTube/DigitalFoundry)