It’s dark, it’s sexy and it’s the premiere episode for a drama-packed Season 2 on Sunday, July 6 -- yep, we’re talking about the return of Lifetime’s hit series “Witches of East End.”

And luckily for fans, we’ve got the scoop on what will be going down when our favorite ladies from Asgard return to the small screen.

At the 2014 ATX Festival earlier this month,  International Business Times talked to the show’s executive producer, Maggie Friedman, as well as the show’s writer/producer, Richard Hatem, and Rachel Boston, who plays Ingrid Beauchamp on “WOEE.” The topic of the discussion? All the twists and turns set to occur in the show’s sophomore season.

“There is some crazy s--- that goes down,” Friedman said bluntly with a laugh. And we can assure you, she’s right -- especially after she gave us an exclusive look into the witchy world of Season 2.

“Now that the portal is open, which you saw in the Season 1 finale, this whole other universe has opened up, and that’s the darkness,” Boston told the panel. “We don’t exactly know what’s around us, and that’s what this season explores, which is dark and sexy.”

Hatem explained that when Ingrid opened up the portal, it was like “a gong had struck, sending vibrations across the globe.”

“People who have been here for centuries are suddenly, like, ‘The portal has opened,’” he said about the mysterious group of witches on Earth who were banned from Asgard.

So, what does this mean for the upcoming season of “WOEE”? Well, we think you’re going to be pretty surprised. Here are seven things we learned about the upcoming season:

1. Who came out of the portal? During the Season 1 finale, fans saw a shadowy figure coming out of the Asgard. But what -- or should we say who -- is it? Well, we have a feeling that it’s Frederick, Freya and Ingrid’s brother.

“Christian [Cooke] plays, I think we’re allowed to say, he plays Frederick, who is the girls’ brother that they never knew about. Joanna had been keeping him a secret for centuries, and he was left back in Asgard,” Friedman revealed. “He’s actually Freya’s twin, and the two of them together can do special spells that they can’t do apart.”

2. Beauchamp beef: Frederick’s arrival will stir up turmoil in the Beauchamp household.

“Basically there’s going to be some conflict between Wendy and Joanna because Wendy thinks he’s here to do them harm, and Joanna, he’s her son -- she loves him, she trusts him -- so the two of them are at odds.”

“One of the big questions this season is: Is Frederick here for good or for ill?” Hatem said, opening a new can of worms. And here we were thinking the Dash vs. Killian conflict was the biggest one of the season!

3. Killian-lovers rejoice! “The last time we saw him, his boat was set adrift and he was possibly dead,” Friedman continues. “He is very much a part of episode 1 in a way that is unexpected. He’s a very big part of Season 2”

The executive producer explained that Killian and Freya’s relationship will become a “big part of the upcoming season” in a way that fans won’t expect. “And he’ll be shirtless -- as much as possible,” she added.

Witches of East End Season 2 "Frilly" will play a significant role in Season 2 of "Witches of East End." Photo: Lifetime/Witches of East End

4. Just how sexy is Season 2 going to get? To put things in perspective, Season 2 is going to get so steamy that Friedman and Hatem have dubbed an episode in the upcoming season the “Sexpisode.”

Things can start out sexy and take a very disturbing turn,” Hatem said, adding that “Witches of East End” will find its inner “Fifty Shades of Grey” in Season 2.

“There are lot of very handsome, shirtless men this season," he said. "There’s a lot of sexiness this season."

5. Flashy flashbacks. If you’re a fan of “WOEE” flashbacks, then boy, do we have a treat for you. Friedman revealed that traveling back in time would become a “big part of Season 2.”

“We have some really cool flashbacks, to the sixteen-hundreds,” she said before Hatem chimed in, “And one of those flashbacks is from the 1970’s … there I said it! It’s our ‘American Hustle’ episode. Hair, mustaches and bell bottoms.”

6. Break out your dancing shoes: Rumor has it that Jenna Dewan Tatum will bust a few moves in Season 2 -- and yes, we can barely contain our excitement, too!

“The episode is directed by Debbie Allen from 'Fame.' She’s a choreographer, and Jenna is a dancer,” Friedman said.

7. Love Pentagrams. Curious as to what will happen with Freya, Dash and Killian’s love triangle?

“Well, that love triangle is going to get spun into a completely different direction,” Friedman said.

“A triangle has three parts … this is going to be like a love pentagram,” Richard quipped, piquing our interest.

“In witch-land, we have, instead of triangles, romantic pentagrams,” Boston said. Sounds about right!

Are you excited for upcoming season “Witches of East End”? What are you most looking forward to when the Lifetime series airs? Whatever it is, Hatem has promised us one thing: “Weird things come in Season 2,” he said. “Don’t miss out.”