The Mandragora may be dead but that doesn’t mean the Season 2 drama is! “Witches of East End” will be returning from its short hiatus on Sunday, Sept. 7, and according to Maggie Friedman, executive producer (and mastermind) behind the hit Lifetime series, brooms will definitely be a blazin’.

During an exclusive interview with the International Business Times, Friedman revealed some steamy details about episode 8, “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake.” Apparently the upcoming episode of “WOEE” will be the show’s sexiest installment yet. Here’s looking at you Frillian fans! The EP also dished some juicy scoop, teasing tidbits about everyone’s favorite island witch Eva to jaw-dropping details about Frederick’s betrayal.

International Business Times: It seems like we have a lot of villainous character right now -- one of them being Frederick. He claims to be loyal to the Beauchamp’s yet he’s running around East End acting as the King’s vessel. What exactly does that job entail?

Maggie Friedman: Frederick was sent to East End by the King. We learn in episode 7 that the brand on Frederick’s chest has the King’s spirit inside of it. He’s a vessel that’s carrying the King through the portal in order to help him find a body to inhabit in East End because he’s too ill to come through himself.

The question is: Is Frederick good or evil? There’s still a little bit of a grey area but certainly Frederick has not been telling the truth. And Wendy was right not to trust him because Fredrick hasn’t been honest. But we can see the eternal struggle Frederick faces. In the last episode he was supposed to poison his mother but he couldn’t do it because he loves her. So, that’s been a fun thing to play with -- the moral dilemma he faces.

IBT: We’ve heard a little bit about the King’s plan. Can you tell us what else Grandpa Beauchamp has up his royal sleeve?

Friedman: It will all be revealed as the episodes go on. We’re going to learn a lot more about what the King wants, what Frederick’s goals are and I shouldn’t reveal any spoilers but we do learn that he wants to bring them back to Asgard, to their homeland. It’s a lot more dangerous than we know right away.

IBT: Another chilling character is the island witch Eva. Not going to lie, I kind of loved how you turned her into an old spooky witch because Bianca Lawson has looked the same age since she appeared on “Dawson’s Creek” back in 1999.

Friedman: I know! She looks so young doesn’t she?

IBT: Totally. So, what can you tell us about her character? Last time we saw Eva she was poisoning poor Killian.

Friedman: We learn in that episode that she’s been drugging him. She’s been giving him a potion that makes him love her and forget that he’s in love with Freya. So, it’s a little bit of a mind control. He doesn’t realize that his heart and mind are being controlled by his wife. So, that story line is going to heat up more.

And the next episode it’s Freya’s 30th birthday party and Killian is working the bar. And I will say Frillian fans will really love the next episode. We’re also going to learn a lot more about Eva’s back-story and why she’s doing what she’s doing -- who she is. There are a lot of fun twists that get revealed in the next episode related to Eva and Killian.

IBT: Finally we’ll get to find out her motives!

Friedman: Yes! We’ll learn all about them. It’s really going to freak people out. I think it’s a really cool, really surprising, really twisty story about why she’s doing what she’s doing.

IBT: In the promo for episode 8 we see Frederick walk up to Killian during this birthday bash and almost threaten him regarding his relationship with Freya. Does Frederick know Killian from a past life? Will we get to find out their back story, too?

Friedman: Killian’s soul has been reborn many times and Frederick knew him back in Asgard where they had beef. So some of that is going to get played out and we’ll learn more about their past.

IBT: When we last talked at the ATX Festival you and Richard Hatem teased that there was going to be a “Fifty Shades of Grey”-inspired episode in Season 2. And from what I’ve seen in the trailer for “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake” it looks like this could be that episode!

Friedman: We’ve had a couple of those moments throughout the second season. We had a moment in the premiere where Joanna was being tied up by Victor then there’s the Freddie/Caroline “Fifty Shades of Grey” scene happening in episode 8 with the blindfold and our next episode, “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake,” we called our “sexpisode.” There are a lot of steamy scenes in that episode. We think it’s one of our best episodes. We really pushed the envelope -- it’s very sexy. I think fans are going to like it.

IBT: Steamier than the Frillian bathroom scene in “Boogie Knights"?

Friedman: I didn’t think [that scene] was going to make it past the censors but it made it through! And I was thrilled because I love that scene. And there’s more to come -- even steamier than that I will say.

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers "Witches of East End" creator, Maggie Friedman, teases episode 8 of Season 2 will have feature a sexy Frillian moment. Photo: Lifetime/WOEE

IBT: Can fans anticipate any hot scenes between Dash and Ingrid?

Friedman: The Dash and Ingrid story is going to continue in the next episode. When we left them in episode 7 they were kissing on the dance floor and Dash was up to good but Ingrid had no idea. That story line will heat up and come to a head in the next episode.

It’s Freya’s 30th birthday, she’s never turned 30 before so Joanna is very excited about this. There’s a lot of darkness in this episode but there’s also a lot of sex and a lot of really beautiful love stuff. I think it’s a powerful episode emotionally and dramatically.

IBT: When Dash was poisoned by the Mandragora he said some pretty nasty things about the Beauchamp women to Freya. Now, he’s dating one of them. Are we going to find out if his intentions with Ingrid are true?

Friedman: Dash is somebody who’s struggling right now. He has two sides to himself -- the dark and the light. And he’s struggling about which path to take and I would say Ingrid represents the light. She’s the person who helped him when he had no idea what was happening. When he was coming into his powers, and was completely confused by it, it was Ingrid who stepped in and showed him the way. So I think she represents the light and his better nature but there’s also this darkness in him that he can’t help but succumb to. I think his feelings for her are real yet he has this struggle inside himself.

There is a very dark side to him so it’s figuring out which Dash he’ll choose to be. There are times you really love him where he can be so charming and you know there’s good in him yet he does some really messed up stuff.

IBT: In the synopsis for next week’s episode it says that Joanna will face one of her worse fears. Could that have something to do with the potential death of her daughters?

Friedman: For Joanna I think it’s a bittersweet thing that Freya is turning 30 for the first time ever, which is a huge milestone. Joanna knows the clock is ticking. The girls have never lived this long so there’s always this thing in the back of her mind that of just how long do they have left. She’s been through a lot this year -- and there’s still more to come, I will say. She has a lot more to face.

IBT: Is there anything else fans should know before episode 8 airs this Sunday?

Friedman: I think episode 8, the birthday episode -- we’re so happy with it --, and episode 9 are literally our best episode yet. So, people should keep tuning in. There’s a crazy twist that happens in episode 9 that fans will not believe so they should really tune in to watch. Seriously, episode 9 is nuts. I freaked out watching it and I knew what was coming!

What are you most looking forward to in episode 8, “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake,” which is set to air Sunday, Sept. 7, at 9 p.m. EDT? Sound off in the comments section below!