“Witches of East End” really came back with brooms a –blazing tonight with the airing of episode 5, “Boogie Knight.” We’re not joking! After going on a short hiatus, the Lifetime series returned with enough jaw-dropping action to leave our mouth’s agape for the remainder of the week.

And lucky for those who happened to miss tonight’s chilling episode, we’ve decided to recap the top 5 most shocking moments from “Boogie Knights.”

1. Freya Gets Down And Dirty: Just as we predicted Jenna Dewan-Tatum broke out her dancing shoes for the show’s “American Hustle”-themed episode. Her dance routine was everything we imagined -- sexy, dark and teasing.

Previously, Richard Hatem, the show’s EP, teased that fans could expect a flashback from the 1970’s to feature, “hair, mustaches and bell bottoms.” We just didn't realize how serious he was! The only thing more exciting than Dewan’s ‘70s style dancing skills was Eric Winter’s mustache, which has been dubbed “Dash Stache” by Twitter.

It was revealed that Freya had concocted her own form of “flashback-brownies” to help her relive moments from her past. But one of her exciting moments, which revealed a nasty coke-habit as well as a sexy Frillian sex scene, was cut short when Ingrid woke up Freya from her sleep. “Why did you do that?” Freya moaned in anger after her dream was disrupted right at its most climatic part. Yes, pun totally intended. 

That’s when Ingrid pleads to her sister to tread carefully when it comes to revisiting their past lives. But despite Ingrid’s warnings, Freya has her sights set on living life with Killian – even if it’s just in her dreams. Her next "dream-trip" is when Freya learns an unflattering detail about herself: a coke addiction.

According to her dreams, Freya was working in cahoots with Dash (previously known as Dan), churning out magic-infused drugs. The product was so addicting that even Freya became hooked on the mystical substance. But, as it turns out, her craving for Bobby (aka Killian) was stronger. Freya told Dan she was no longer interested in living “that” kind of life. So, to seek retribution for losing the woman making him so wealthy, Dan killed Bobby.

Viewers learned from Freya's dreams that Killian has made an appearance in every past life of hers. Sometimes Dash is there as his brother and sometimes not. This has lead Freya to believe Killian is her one true soul mate.

2. Dash’s Near Death Experience: Dash nearly killed Killian in the previously episode of “WOEE” – now, in “Boogie Knights,” it was his turn to feel what it’s like to have death staring you in the face. Or in his case, crawling through his skin. During episode 5, Dash used his powers to save the life of a dying boy named Sam. However, Ingrid later explained after seeing Dash’s black fingertips, that the universe is always seeking balance. Because of this Dash has embodied Sam’s death and will die unless he returns death to its rightful owner.

But Dash is reluctant to re-gift death to Sam – especially after Sam’s mother revealed her son’s cancer has completely went into transmission. That’s when Dash walks out of the room, bumping into his very own dark angel. A thief had just been wheeled into the hospital after attempting to rob a store, shooting an officer as a result. He becomes to perfect candidate, in Dash’s eyes, to receive the gift of death.

3. Joanna’s Shocking Rebound: Wasn’t it just one episode ago that the love of Joanna’s life was brutally murdered? Yeah, we thought so, too. Which is why we were surprised to see Joanna move on so quickly in episode 5. But can you blame her? Alex is a stunning woman.

Yep, you heard right. We said woman. During episode 5 we learned Joanna had a relationship with a palm-reading witch back in the ‘70s. But their romance went up in psychedelic flames after Alex told Freya of her glum future with Killian (Dan).

“This man you’re about to marry -- you’ve known him before by many names through many lives. It doesn’t end well. It never has. You two are star-crossed. You have to let him go now. Break this cycle of pain and death before it’s too late,” she said, prior to ‘70s-Dash killing ‘70s-Killian.

Joanna then cut ties with Alex because of Alex's blunt behavior with Freya. Alex is seriously intense, which was seen while the two were out hunting for the Mandragora. Oh yeah, didn’t we mention – Alex is also the only person to kill a Mandragora and live to tell the tale. That's why Joanna called upon her former flame for help in spite of their messy break up.

Initially Alex wasn’t too keen on hearing for her ex-lover, but after reconsideration she decided to help the Beauchamp’s put an end to the craziness swarming  East End. On their hunt for the pesky monster lurking through the forests, the two ladies shared a fiery kiss. “Passion was never an issue with us,” Alex says after the steamy hookup. You can say that again!

4. If You’re A Mandragora, I’m A Mandragora: Thanks to Alex’s extensive knowledge on Mandragora’s, we learned that the creature feeds off of having an intimate relationship with a mate. “If you can kill one the other one dies, too,” Alex says, only to have Joanna rebuttal that she’s not willing to sacrifice the life of an innocent.

“The mate’s not innocent. It’s collateral damage,” Alex argues.

Perhaps Alex’s tune changed when she learned the Mandragora’s mate just so happened to be Ingrid. While out in the woods, Joanna and Alex tracked down the creature on a killing spree. But just as Alex was about to shoot it, Joanna forced the bullet to only hit the supernatural entity’s arm, which Ingrid had felt the pain of. Joanna had figured out (in the nick of time we might add) that her daughter was the Mandragora’s mate and would die if the creature did.

5. Eva’s Up To No Good: After Freya had just given Killian a speech about being happy for him and Eva toward the end of episode 5, the camera cuts to a scene of the island witch brewing up a potion – in Killian’s drink! She then hands over the tampered-with-cocktail to her husband, egging him on the slurp it down. What did you put in there, Eva?

Looks like we’ll have to wait until episode 6 to find out! What was your favorite part of “Witches of East End” tonight during the airing of episode 5? Cast your comments below.