“Witches of East End” returned with brooms a blazin’ Sunday night when the hit Lifetime series aired episode 8, “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake,” on Sept. 7. The episode kicked off on a bloody note when Frederick and Tarkoff dragged an innocent East End resident into the woods in hopes of turning him into a vessel for the King.

After digging the King’s brand into the victim’s chest it was revealed that the potential host wasn’t a match. Tarkoff then took the blade and slit the victim’s throat, joking to Frederick that it’s no fun to do the Mandragora’s dirty work.

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“We have to find someone who trusts you,” Tarkoff said to Frederick of how they need to stop poaching “randoms” and target someone willing to let them in.

The episode takes a turn for the bright side when the radiant Freya walks down her stairs with a pile of chocolate chip pancakes waiting for her.

“This is your first ever thirtieth birthday,” Joanna said, embracing her daughter’s milestone of a celebration. Wendy chimed in with her typical sassy fashion reminding Joanna that Freya did turn thirty once – however, she just so happened to die on that birthday, too, when she was impaled to death.

While Freya spent her morning picking at her pancakes Ingrid devoted hers to scoffing as toast. When the red headed witch went to make amends with Dash, apologizing for ignoring his texts for a possible brunching she witnessed a half-dressed woman come out of Dash’s kitchen claiming that his toast was burning.

“Sorry about your toast,” she said as she stormed away from Dash’s home.

“Witches of East End” then cut to an interesting scene between Eva and her grandmother. Eva’s abuela instructed her granddaughter to “get that baby anyway you can.” But that was only the beginning of the craziness between these island witches.

Speaking of craziness, Tommy witnessed Wendy turn into a human from her feline form during episode 8. And to say cat had his tongue would be an understatement.

“This can’t be happening,” Tommy repeated over and over as his first reaction.

“I’m a witch,” she confirmed what he saw.

“Are you going to drop a house on me?” he asked before running away practically screaming

But Wendy wasn’t the only one having boy-problems in “Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake.” While still upset what she had witnessed at Dash’s that morning Ingrid received a voice mail from the Gardiner boy claiming his true feelings for her.

“Ingrid, what you saw -- it meant nothing to me. When you left I started thinking about what it would be like if you never came back. I don’t want to ruin this. Give me a call back,” Dash said, pouring his heart out.

Wendy revealed to her sister the unfortunate situation she found herself in when Tommy spotted her supernatural transformation. Joanna immediately requested that Wendy do a memory spell on him to deter persecution on their behalf. According to Joanna, when mortals discover the truth about their kind only trouble – and a potential death – will come to those involved.

“Your relationship with him has to be over,” Joanna said to Wendy.

Freya sees that Killian is working the bar at her thirtieth birthday party. He confronts her, revealing that she looks “exceptionally beautiful” in her gorgeous, low-cut back, apricot dress. He then attempts to read her mind but when that fails he opts to make her a flaming blue drink. But fans could clearly see more sparks flying than just from the fiery-beverage.

“I think Killian is flirting with me – a little, a lot,” Freya told Ingrid. “He’s probably just being nice to me because it’s my birthday.”

But one Beauchamp twin doesn’t seem too fondly of the bartender. When Frederick arrives to Freya’s party he approached Killian for a shot.

“Do you have a problem with me?” Killian asked after Frederick’s rude behavior. Freya’s twin revealed that the two had some issues from when they both were in Asgard.

“You really don’t remember do you?” Frederick said. “You may not remember but I do. Just stay away from my sister if you know what’s good for you.”

Tommy showed up at Freya’s birthday bash asking for Wendy’s forgiveness. Apparently he feels terrible for running out on her but Wendy’s not looking for an apology. She’s just ecstatic her crush has made a debut.

As Wendy locked lips with Tommy, Killian decided to disobey Frederick’s warning and approached Freya to help him find “olives.” Good one, Killian. In the storage room Killian breaks out with a rant so passionate we swear we could hear Frillian fans from around the world squealing.

“I suddenly feel like everything is so clear. I woke up today married. And I don’t know how it happened. I’m still in love with you. I wish I could forget and move on but I can’t. I thought I was [in love with Eva] but I’m not. Every morning the first thing I think of if you. I have no idea why I married her.”

Killian then revealed to Freya that Eva’s actually a witch, too.

“She saved my life. And she’s a good person but that’s not enough. I don’t love her I don’t,” he said.

That’s when Freya explained how she and Killian are star-crossed.

“Even if you weren’t married we could never ever be together,” she said, adding that in every lifetime she’s lived she and Killian manage to find a way to one another. “It ends in tragedy.”

At Freya’s birthday, Frederick spots Tarkoff in the corner of his eye. The reason this is alarming is because in a previous scene Frederick had supposedly killed Tarkoff when he stabbed him in the wood.

“I am far more powerful than you think. And that is something you should never ever forget. Now if you’re through playing games its time to get back to work. I think we were looking for someone who trusts you. I think I have an idea,” Tarkoff said, referring to Frederick’s girlfriend Caroline.

Dash then showed up to Freya’s birthday festivity searching for Ingrid to apologize for what happened in person.

“I didn’t think I had a chance with you. I’m in awe of you,” he said to her. “I’ve been a little messed up lately. The only thing that’s been holding me together is you. When I’m with you I feel good. I want to give this a try.”

After getting shot down by Freya in the storage room Killian tried again when he spotted Freya outside. But the birthday girl is quick to reveal that she and Frillian are doomed by fate. “I’m cursed Killian. And my curse is I die young and then I’m reborn over and over and over again,” she said. “You are my soul mate and I love you. But it doesn’t matter because we can never be together.”

“You never said that before. That you love me,” Killian responded. Frillian then shared a steamy kiss that turned into one of the sexiest steams we’ve ever witnessed it “Witches of East End” history.

Not only did fans get to watch an intimate moment between Frillian unfold but viewers also spotted Wendy and Tommy’s Bali love-scene and Dash and Ingrid’s sexy moment 

After Killian and Freya recover from their crazy night, Killian promises his soul mate that they’ll start a new life once he leaves Eva, which he planned on doing as soon as possible. But when Killian finally returns to whisk Freya off her feet something odd happens:

“Tonight was a mistake. Eva’s my wife I can’t leave her. I got swept up in the moment. You were right we can’t be together. What happened between can never happen again. I’m sorry, Freya,” he said, breaking her heart.

When Killian previously returned home to end things with Eva we learned that Eva’s grandmother also happens to be her daughter – or at least that’s what it seemed like.

But the wildest moment of episode 8 is what happened between Frederick and Caroline. The final scene of “Witches of East End” featured Freddie lathering up his girlfriend with a numbing cream. The blindfolded girl then proclaimed her love to Frederick, which is when he broke out the carving knife. He dug into Caroline’s skin turning her into a vessel for his grandfather.

“I love you, too,” he said as blood began to pour from the brand.

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