“Witches of East End” certainly had us on the edges of our seat with episode 7, “Art of Darkness” – and apparently we weren’t the only one taken by surprise during tonight’s installment!

The episode opened up with Frederick getting frisky with someone he calls “babe.” But mid-kiss Frederick started experiencing one of his infamous seizures. At that moment, Mama Beauchamp walked in just as Freddie is convulsing. Joanna rubed her magical hands together and managed to cure him of his episode.

“Mom, I’d like you to meet Caroline -- my girlfriend,” he said, introducing his mother to his half-naked beau. Talk about awkward!

The episode then cuts to a scene between Killian and Eva. The adorable warlock is spotted cuddling up to Eva in bed -- but his snuggles were apparently overshadowed by his “pig-like” stench. After a few endearing snorts later the Gardiner hottie’s laughter was exchanged with a look of horror when he saw his island beauty transformed into an old, and rather disturbing looking witch.

Joanna confronted Wendy about Frederick’s seizures but finds out her sister already has knowledge of Freddie’s spells. “I thought you didn’t trust him,” Joanna asked confused, not understanding when Wendy and her son grew so close. Wendy said she misjudged Freddie and even reveals to have met Caroline, which upset Joanna.

“I’ve only met her a few times you’ve already seen her naked,” Wendy quipped.

“WOEE” then revealed Dash paid Ingrid a visit at work since she hasn’t been returning his phone calls. She said that she’s been in hiding “from life, reality” so that no one when gets hurt. Poor Ingrid is blaming herself for the Mandragora-caused deaths that occurred in East End.

“What you need – you need a night out,” Dash said, inviting her out to his work event. “Would you like to come with me – as friends, of course?”

Ingrid happily agreed to accompany her sister’s ex-fiancé.

“I can not have dinner with your mother after I flashed her my boobs!” Caroline began the next scene, screaming to Frederick of why she can’t have dinner with his mother. But Fredrick convinces her that Joanna is the most “non-judgmental” person he knows. “She’s seen it all!”

Once Caroline agrees to meet the matriarch fully clothed she left the table. That’s when the show’s newest character, Tarkoff, swooped in and took her seat.

“I’m here to help you complete your mission – to bring back the king,” he said to Frederick.

Apparently Frederick’s royal grandfather doesn’t think Freddie is capable of finishing his job. Whatever that may be.

Tarkoff then explained that they have to find a host “as quickly as possible.” And to do that they need Joanna to stay out of their way.

“Step one -- you will prepare this potion then slip it into your mothers drink. You’re mother is too powerful. She’s dangerous and smart. The king is concerned she might find a way to intervene.”

This “plan” involves getting Freddie back to Asgard with Freya and Ingrid. Tarkoff then added that their mission needs to be completed by tonight.

Meanwhile Wendy gets anonymously invited to an art gala and she has no idea why. Joanna’s the artist of the family! But Freya doesn’t care how her aunt got the invite – she’s just excited to accompany Wendy to the gala.

“I’m just curious!” Wendy said to Joanna of why she’s decided to go.

“Curiosity killed the cat,” Joanna smartly replied.

While Freya is looking for something to wear to the gala Ingrid walks in. She reveals that she too is attending that event – with Dash. Freya is not happy to hear who her sister’s plus one is and we don’t blame her!

Freya explains she doesn’t trust Dash especially after what he said while under the Mandragora’s poisonous spell.

While the Beauchamp’s are dealing with their own drama, Killian is also knee deep in his own. “Don’t trust Eva. Check your phone,” Killian sees a message written to him in steam and after seeing Eva as an wrinkled, old woman he doesn’t hesitate. While Eva ran out Killian watched a video of himself revealing that the witch has him under some sort of spell. Killian also says in the shaky, rushed video that he doesn’t love Eva – he loves Freya.

During the gala event Wendy realized that she has been used as the muse for the mysterious artist’s paintings. But the identity of the profound painter is solved once she makes this discovery. Apparently her husband Ronan is the one responsible for the artwork.

“I told you back in the ‘90s I never wanted to see you again,” she said, clarifying that Ronan is her ex-husband. “I have married and divorced you thee times – never again.”

Ronan said that he spent everyday for the past 20 years thinking of her. But Wendy doesn’t believe him.

“This is my love letter to you, Wendy. I want you back,” he tried to persuade her.

Dinner goes swimmingly between Caroline and the Beauchamp’s. Well, until Tarkoff shows up.

“I have to say this is a total surprise, Tarkoff,” Joanna said, surprised to see her long-time friend. Frederick is also stunned to see Tarkoff make a guest appearance at their dinner.

“I told you I’m a friend. I’m just here to help in case you need me,” Tarkoff explained of why he’s there, giving Frederick the chance to slip the potion into his mother’s glass of wine.

At the gala Dash and Ingrid come to terms that they aren’t just friends while intimately dancing.

“We’re not just friends,” Dash said. “Do we have to put a label on it?”

Back at Joanna’s house, Frederick’s mother makes a heart-warming toast to her son. Her words touch him and make him regret pouring the potion into her glass, which is why he smashes her wine while clinking. Tarkoff did not looked pleased to see his fancy poison go to waste.

Dash’s night of romance then turned into one of disaster when Kyle’s father approached the doctor. William insisted that he knows Dash had something to do with his son’s disappearance.

Eventually the threats grow so large that Dash felt the need to get rid of the problem by shooting deadly magic from his electrifying fingertips.

But the Gardiner drama only continues when Killian confronted Eva regarding her true intentions.

“I know what you’re doing to me,” Killian said. That’s when she grabbed a piece of broken glass, cut her hand and splattered her blood onto Killian’s face. He began to scream in pain. But eventually Eva calmed his cries with a taste of her evil concoction. Killian wakes acting like a different person. Could Eva be using Killian as her very own vessel?

“My head’s just somewhere else,” Dash said to Ingrid of why his mind seemed aloof during the gala. He explained what happened with Kyle’s dad leaving our major details – like the true reason behind William's death. After a few sweet words the two shared a passionate kiss.

Speaking of romance, Wendy and Ronan get closer as the night goes on. Viewers even get a taste at the couple’s interesting backstory. But eventually we find out why Wendy has been so skeptical of Ronan when her ex-lover finally explains that the real reason he brought Wendy to the gala was to get a locket of her hair. Apparently her magic tresses are what helped sell the paintings for millions of dollars. Wendy is disgusted by this request and leaves Ronan -- for good.

Ronan wasn’t the only one stealing hair in episode 7. After Frederick failed to slip his mother the potion Tarkoff went and snagged a few strands of Joanna’s locks during a hug. What he plans on doing them only time will tell.

This is ironic because during the final scene of “WOEE” Frederick, the King’s vessel, said to Tarkoff that if he “touches a hair” on his mother’s head then he’ll “slit his throat.”

“And you know grandfather can’t continue his plan without me,” he added.

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