Witches of East End season 2 spoilers "Witches of East End" released promo photos from episode 7 of Season 2. Photo: James Dittiger

The Mandragora madness may be over but that doesn’t mean viewers of the hit Lifetime series, “Witches of East End,” should expect smooth sailing for the remainder of Season 2. According to the promo video for episode 7, “Art of Darkness,” fans should anticipate drama – and lots of it – when the upcoming installment airs Sunday, Aug. 24, at 9 p.m. EDT.

The most obvious conflict of “WOEE” surrounds the question of whether or not Frederick is evil. When Freya’s twin first crawled out of the portal, Aunt Wendy had a gut feeling that her nephew was up to no good. However, after a few days – and a dead Mandragora – everyone seemed to put their skepticism aside.

But as it turns out Aunt Wendy wasn’t too far off regarding her initial feelings toward Freddie. During the final scene of episode 6 fans witnessed Frederick have another one of his seizing fits. The warlock laid on the floor withering in pain as he apologized to his grandfather.

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“I’ll find another way,” he said, suggesting that Frederick may still be a loyal follower of the devious Asgard King.

The trailer for “Art of Darkness” bolstered our previous statement when it was revealed that Frederick may be working in cohorts with the show’s newest character, Tarkoff, an alleged family friend of the Beauchamp’s.

“You will prepare this potion then slip it into mother’s drink,” he says to Frederick, sliding a tonic across the table.

“You want me to kill her?” he asks.

There’s also some odd drama going on between Dash and the Beauchamp ladies. According to the promo, Ingrid has her sights set on Freya’s ex-fiancé -- for some odd reason. But instead of Freya talking “girl code” with her sister, the brunette beauty seems to be overly concerned that Dash’s intentions aren’t true.

“You’re going on a date with Dash?” Freya asks in the promo video. “I don’t trust him.”

And why should she? During episode 6 Dash revealed some shocking revelations while he was high off the Mandragora’s poison. If we’re not mistake we believe he said something along the line of wishing “all the Beauchamp women” pain. Could Dash dating Ingrid be some sort of way to seek vengeance against Freya for dumping him on their wedding day or for Joanna killing his mother? Maybe Dash has somehow figured out the Beauchamp matriarch’s dirty little mother-killing secret.

But the most anticipated moment of episode 7 has to be between Killian and Eva. The promo suggests Killian will grow to have doubts about his relationship with the island beauty in the upcoming episode.

“I know what you’re doing to me,” Killian says to Eva in the trailer.

“You need to calm down,” she replies.

“I’m not going to calm down,” he quickly answers.­­

Just then Eva uses her powers to splatter blood into Killian’s face, to which he responds with a painful scream.

Despite being Team Frillian we always knew there was something a little off with Bianca Lawson’s character – especially when the owl-tattooed witch handed Killian a roofied drink. We wonder what she did to it! From a look at the episode 7 photos below we can only come to the conclusion that it definitely wasn’t a spell to make the cocktail stronger!

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers Daniel DiTomasso stars in an all-new episode of "Witches of East End," airing Sunday, August 24, at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Photo: James Dittiger

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers Bianca Lawson stars in an all-new episode of Witches of East End, airing Sunday, August 24, at 9pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Photo: James Dittiger

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers What do you think Killian will find out regarding his beloved Eva in episode 7 of "Witches of East End"? Photo: James Dittiger

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers What kind of spell does Eva has up her sleeve for Killian during episode 7 of "Witches of East End"? Photo: James Dittiger

Witches of East End season 2 spoilers Eva might not be as innocent as she seems! Photo: James Dittiger

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