Things are getting pretty trippy during the second half of Season 2 of “Witches of East End.” Tonight the hit Lifetime series left us speechless with episode 11, “Poe Way Out.” The episode kicked off with Joanna (Julia Ormond), Wendy (Madchen Amick) and Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) wandering throughout their past life in the 1800’s.

“I need to get a very rare, very dangerous weapon,” Joanna told Freya, who was curious why her mother had chosen to relive this specific moment. According to Joanna, the weapon she seeks may be the only thing strong enough to kill the mad King of Asgard. After all, it did kill Freya.

“I had a very good reason,” Joanna attempted to bolster her reason of why she once murdered her beloved daughter. As the girls continue their quest, Freya learns that she used to work -- actually own -- an opium-flooded brothel with the rest of the Beauchamp women. As they sift through their fabulous wardrobe from the past, their 1800 selves bust through the door.

Wendy is lecturing Joanna on why she should stop getting high off of opium. It looked as if the Beauchamp matriarch was in a bit of a funk after Victor (Joel Gretsch) left her.

After witnessing that uncomfortable moment, Aunt Wendy revealed something even more stomach churning. According to the shifter, they need to get out of the past within 12 hours or something seriously bad could happen. Later on throughout episode 11, the king (Steven Berkoff) revealed if the present-day versions of the Beauchamp women were to hang out in the past for too long they would experience a very painful death.

After revealing the dangers of time traveling, Aunt Wendy explained that past Joanna has to kill Freya in order to get the weapon she seeks to use against the king. Curious how/why Joanna killed Freya? Well, they revealed it’s all because of dear old Killian (Daniel DiTomasso) -- or should we say Edgar Allen Poe?

Joanna told her daughter that she and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) worked a side gig, casting good luck spells and reading fortunes. One of those fortunes happened to be the iconic literary figure himself. After Freya read Poe’s seemingly bright future the two celebrated with passionate lovemaking.

“I almost failed English because of Edgar Allen Poe,” present Freya quipped, not able to believe she was once in love with Poe -- not to mention his muse. As it turned out, Freya broke the number one code when she revealed to Poe that she was a witch. But because of the revelation Poe was able to create some of his most legendary tales -- all based on the Beauchamp women. That is, until his creative well went dry.

To get her beau back on track past Freya suggested a night of table turning. While Freya was excited to embrace the danger, Poe was extremely nervous -- and he had every reason to be once the candles blow out. Freya’s body was inhabited by a spirit and an evil one at that. After a few threats, Poe commanded the spirit to leave Freya’s body. Or at least, that’s what he thought.

The male spirit started wrecking havoc all over town, killing countless of residents, including Aunt Wendy when she tried to stop it. Ingrid found her aunt laying dead with a broken neck and ran to her mother for help. But Joanna was high on opium and claimed she couldn’t do anything to fix the problem -- but she knew someone who could.

Joanna got paid a visit by someone who came bearing a box that would kill the demonic spirit and it’s host, which meant not only would Freya die but so would Ingrid. Joanna and Ingrid waited in the woods and began summoning Freya with a song about sewing. The demon heard the tune and made its debut. After a few nasty words between the three witches (and spirit), Joanna opened the box -- sucking the spirit out of Freya along with her daughter's life.

That’s when Ingrid saw something lurking in the woods. Originally she thought it was a shifter but it was only Joanna -- from the future! Joanna asked for the box and left.

Present day Joanna said she was holding onto that memory for years. She didn’t know why she would one day come back for the box but that it would be inevitable. They’ll just have to wait until past Joanna kills Freya to get the box to send the king of Asgard “straight to hell.”

The only problem with that is Tarkoff (James Marsters) will be on the hunt for the three Beauchamp women, courtesy of the king himself. Fingers crossed he doesn’t reach them before their able to get the weapon.

But Beauchamp drama wasn’t the only thing giving us chills throughout episode 11. Ingrid revealed to Dash (Eric Winter) that not only is she and Freya alive, but that she has tricked the king, her grandfather. The king believes she’s on his side when really all she wants to do is stop him. We knew Freya would never betray her family! Dash agreed to help but he has his own demons to destroy, like Raven Moreau, the one night stand that turned into a detective working on the case of the man he murdered. Talk about a complicated relationship.

But the most upsetting moment of “Poe Way Out” is what Killian does in the name of love. The mourning warlock pulls a “Romeo and Juliet” by drinking an elixir to kill himself. This way the “opposition of the stars” will break so in future lives to come he and Freya will be able to be together. But little does he know his true love is alive, well and watching her past self get murdered by her mother. Just another typical day in "Witches of East End."

What did you think of episode 11? Sound off in the comments section below with your “Witches of East End” theories of what will happen next on the hit Lifetime series.