Sometimes change is good. This is the philosophy of Pacific Bepure Industry. If you haven’t heard of Pacific Bepure, you may have heard of Wollemi Mining Corporation (OTCBB: WOLI). Pacific Bepure changed its name from Wollemi to reflect their current business of designing, manufacturing and selling their unique brand of moderately priced footwear which has caught the attention of customers (primary females) across the globe.

Leading the way at Pacific Bepure Industry is Haitin Li who serves as their Chairman and CEO. Li is a renowned veteran in his field and has helped the young company evolve to the verge of becoming a significant player. When asked about the name change, Li was quoted as saying, “We are extremely pleased with this latest step in broadening awareness of our brand name as we continue to prepare for continuing strong growth in China and elsewhere in the world in a strengthening economic environment.”

While the name change has the potential to broaden awareness of Pacific Bepure, the company has also displayed steady growth over the past year. Headquartered in Jinjiang City, China, Pacific Bepure reported that 2008 sales grew to approximately $20 million, which was an impressive 49% advance over the prior year.

During the first 6 months, Pacific Bepure reported a sales advance of 13% despite trying economic conditions across the globe. Perhaps the most impressive feat in the young company’s economic rise is that it maintained prices.

Commenting on Pacific Bepure’s secret of success, Li was quoted as saying, “In particular, we have opened our own retail outlets in major cities throughout China, are establishing a strong profitable presence in South America, and are building a factory that upon completion will expand our production capacity by 50% and reduce our costs. Not least of all, following completion of a reverse merger last month, we have established trading in our shares in the U.S.”

Currently, Pacific Bepure Industry is trading in the $1.75 range. With all of the positive aspects of this company, Pacific Bepure may be the shoe that fits into a savvy investors portfolio.

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