After being teased during the post-credits scene of “X-Men: Apocalypse,” there is now confirmation that the villain Mister Sinister will appear in “The Wolverine 3.” The confirmation comes from audio commentary on the Blu-ray which features director Bryan Singer discussing the character’s appearance in the untitled 2017 Wolverine movie.

According to Cinema Blend, during the commentary, Singer and producer Simon Kinberg discuss a “Deadpool 2” teaser they had to scrap but confirm that the post-credits scene in “Apocalypse” was their way of setting up Mister Sinister for the next Wolverine film. The scene takes place at the Weapon X facility and features a man who grabs a tube of the DNA of Weapon X — a.k.a. Wolverine. The man then puts the tube in a briefcase which features the words “Essex Corp” — the company owned by Nathaniel Essex (Mister Sinister). Here are a few things you should know about the character.

1. He’s Obsessed With Cyclops

Sinister’s obsession with Cyclops and his genetic line has led the villain to creating a clone of  Cyclops's wife, Jean Grey, called Madelyne Pryor. Sinister’s reason for the clone was to get Cyclops to breed with it which eventually proved successful. As a result, Cyclops and Pryor gave birth to Cable. While Cyclops has nothing to do with the Wolverine films, Cable will be featured in the next “Deadpool” film. This means Mister Sinister’s role in the next Wolverine film could have an impact on “Deadpool 2.”

2. He May Be Portrayed By Richard E. Grant

In April, actor Richard E. Grant signed on to “The Wolverine” as an unnamed character. While Grant’s character currently has no name, he was described as a mad scientist, something Mister Sinister happens to be. Sinister is an expert in the fields of biology, cloning, genetics, physics and engineering.

3. His Powers Include Shape-Shifting And Regeneration

As a genetically altered human, Mister Sinister has superhuman mental and physical abilities. The character can manipulate the minds of others and is virtually immune to injuries. When Mister Sinister does appear in the next Wolverine film, he will be a tough opponent for the character. 

“The Wolverine 3” is scheduled to be released on March 3, 2017.