A woman who was buried alive spoke out on Thursday about her harrowing tale using her diamond engagement ring to dig herself out of the cardboard box her ex-fiancé confined her to.

Michelina Lewendowska, 27, testified in a British court about an incident last May when her former fiance, Marcin Kasprzak, and his friend Patryk Borys attacked her with a taser, gagged her and put her into a cardboard box that once held a computer. Lewendowska testified that Kasprzak wanted to break up with her to date another woman when the incident happened in May.

I was trying to push him away with the taser. He knelt down, he pressed my ribs with his knee and continued to use the taser, she told the court in Polish.

Lewendowska said she was attacked with a taser twice before being put in the box. She said Kasprzak and Borys sealed the box with tape, drove her in the trunk of a car deep into the woods and buried her alive.

Trapped in the box buried in nearly half a foot of dirt, Lewendowska said she used her engagement ring to cut her legs free and clawed her way out of the box in a process that took nearly 30 minutes.

I started to tear the box apart. I was focusing on the opening I had just made. Soil was getting in. My face was getting dirty. I could see some black sky and leaves. I was so exhausted, she said.

According to media reports, Kasprzak told Lewendowska that he hated her for four years and wanted to take their son and begin a relationship with a new woman.

Kasprzak's defense attorney said the duo left air holes for her to breathe, but Lewendowska believes their action was indeed an attempt at murder.

I can tell you now that they were not left specifically or intentionally for me to live, she said.

Kasprzak and Borys are being tried for attempted murder and have pled not guilty.