Touile Farthat stands next to his six premature babies at a public hospital in AlgiersApril19,2007. Souhila Touile, an Algerian woman gave birth to seven babies, one stillborn boy and six girls at the Kouba public hospital on Wednesday. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra (ALGERIA)

A woman from the North African town of Gafsa in Tunisia in Africa, is pregnant with 12 babies, according to a report from the British newspaper The Sun.

Little is known about the soon-to-be mother, but that she is a teacher, is feeling fine and looking forward to hugging her six boys and six girls, according to the report. The babies are expected to be six boys and six girls and were conceived through a fertility treatment.

In the beginning we thought that my wife would give birth to twins. But more fetuses were discovered. Our joy increased with the growing number, the babies' father identified as Marwan said, according to the paper.

The pregnancy seemed to be great news for the couple who reportedly sought treatment after the woman suffered several miscarriages, but doctors say it is of colossal risks.

Currently, a woman in Australia holds the record of the most babies conceived in 1971 with nine but all died in Sydney, the paper said.