A San Francisco, Calif., man, Dexter Oliver, is accused of setting his girlfriend, 25-year-old Starr Lamare, on fire after a dispute in a laundromat.

San Francisco Police said Lamare was hospitalized with “life-threatening injuries” after 22-year-old Oliver allegedly poured flammable liquid on her and set her on fire.

Lamare is currently at the St. Francis Hospital burn center being treated for “severe burns.”

"Most of her face is burnt," Lamare’s sister, Precious Craig, told KGO in San Francisco. "Just a little bit of hair is still there, but most of her face is burned."

Authorities are now looking for Oliver, who is facing attempted murder charges, through surveillance camera footage in the neighborhood.

The argument at the laundromat was reportedly over leaving clothing in the establishment, Lamare’s sister said. Oliver became so mad during the fight, according to Craig, that he ran home to get gasoline and dumped it all over Lamare before setting her ablaze.

"My sister wanted to leave her clothes at the laundromat so they could get washed, but he didn't want to leave them there, she said she does it all the time, but he got mad and threw the clothes down," Craig told KGO.

Police spokesman Officer Carlos Manfredi told the Associated Press that police responded to the scene in San Francisco’s Bayview District shortly after noon on Sunday after witnesses reported a woman screaming.

“He approached her and threw ignitable liquid on top of her, causing her to suffer serious burns,” Manfredi said.

Manfredi said police found Lamare suffering from “severe burns” but were able to put the fire out by removing the woman’s clothes.

"She took off her shirt, and she dropped it off there, and then she was running, because she got burnt because of the shirt," one witness told KGO. "And then the guy, I guess that had burnt her, took her purse and then ran that way."

"She was basically like running, and she was just screaming, yeah, because that's what I heard, I was like, 'Oh my gosh, she's screaming, let's go get her,'" another witness said.

According to CBS, Lamare is the mother of three young children and is being treated for life-threatening injuries in the burn center at St. Francis Hospital.

“He did that to my sister,” Precious Craig told CBS. “She didn’t deserve it. He should turn himself in.”

Police said Oliver is 5-feet-10 and weighs 155 pounds. He was last seen wearing a red and white hoodie with pajama pants and has a haircut with a fish pattern on one side and lightning bolt on the other.