There are reams of literature, both academic and less credentialed, on the psychological and emotional safety and security the mother's womb offers the unborn child... and even more commentary on the link between an adult and that pre-born state of being.

It should hardly be any big surprise then that the Corallium Spa, situated at the Lopesan Cota Meloneras Resort in the Canary Islands, has re-created that space... for adults!

They're offering the Womb Room, designed with features to re-create the journey of life starting with where it all began: the womb.

The passageway to the room is viewed as the neck of the uterus, which is laid with pink carpets. The floor of the treatment room, which also has pink carpets, is marked with bold splashes of red fabric, and rotates slowly, to stimulate a giant umbilical cord.

The dimly-lit room is filled with blood-coloured water beds offering the impression of amniotic sacs. A soundtrack of deep breaths echoes through the room, to re-create noises heard inside the womb.

According to recent research around 60 percent of adults suffer from sleep problems and one third from insomnia, a spokeswoman was quoted as saying in the Telegraph, The Womb Room could be the answer to those restless nights.