A research conducted by Doritos prior to the launch of its new Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook game found that women who play online games prefer their gaming sessions over shopping, taking bath and having sex.

The survey, which studied more than 2,000 people, revealed that 49 percent of women play online games which almost match 50 percent of men who do the same.

Out of the 49 percent of the online female gamers, 84 percent said they enjoy their gaming sessions, compared to about 70 percent who enjoy sex. Another 62 percent enjoy working out while 71 percent enjoy shopping and 75 percent enjoy having a bath.

The study further revealed that women even play online games for longer than men. The gamers, both male and female, spend nearly 3.5 hours playing online games each week, out of which about 23.1 percent of women spend their time gaming online, compared to 22.3 percent of men.

However, nearly 17 percent women admitted that they play online games in bed, MCV reported.