Older women just want to have sex, according to a recent release by the Kinsey Institute, whereas men like to cuddle.

And that's true of long-term couples all over the world-- Well, at least the 40 to 70-year-olds studied by the Institute.

Men were more likely to report being happy in their relationship, while woman women were more likely to report being satisfied with their sexual relationship, the report read.

The Institute studied over 1,000 couples, together for an average of 25 years, from the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Japan and Spain.

Although women are more interested in their sexual relationships than the actual relationships, it doesn't look like the typical American and Spanish woman is interested in many sexual partners.

More than 50 percent of U.S. couples remain in their first marriage, and that number goes up to 90 percent in Spain, said Julia Heiman, director of The Kinsey Institute, in the release revealing the findings.

What's slightly more interesting than the fact that women have sex on the brain is the fact that the women interviewed were between 40 and 70 years old.

Chilling to think that American grandmas are only in it for  the sex.