It has always been a man's world. Civilized societies have always believed that it has been a man's job to be out in the battle field, and women were supposed to stay at home. 

Women are recruited for military jobs, but they are rarely allowed to go on the battle field, fighting. They are the ones generally handling the offices and work in closed rooms. It may soon be a different tale in Australia.

A policy overhaul to be decided by Cabinet within weeks would remove all gender barriers from the military next year. That would arguably make the Australian Defense Force the world's leader on gender equality, an AP report said.



Australian Women Soldiers Photo Credit :

The call for the major change is being made by the first female prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. But then debates are still on whether troops and the public are ready to accept this role that women will be awarded with. Analysts and experts warn of heavy casualties on Australia's women warriors.

Australia, however, is far behind many other countries like China or India which have women army contingents.