WordLogic Corporation is a technology company that delivers predictive interface solutions for computing devices. These range from hand-held devices, like PDAs, to laptops, tablet PCs and desktop computers. Trading on the OTCBB, WordLogic Corporation’s research, testing, and marketing facilities are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The Company delivers advanced predictive solutions to speed the entry of text and information into personal computing devices. The WordLogic Predictive Keyboardâ„¢ software offers an entry system that adapts to a user’s vocabulary and tendencies to predict the next most common letters, words, or phrases. Text entry is fast, efficient, and simple with the software.

WordLogic Desktop is usable in any application where a user enters text and does not require typing in a dedicated window. The Company designed their WordLogic Predictive Keyboard so it doesn’t interfere with the way a user typically works on their computer. WordLogic will open up by simply holding any key down. The software adapts to users’ writing styles and a user can add unlimited custom words, phrases, names, and text strings to their Personal Dictionary. A user can choose between three display modes, six screen sizes, and three sets of keys to browse the predictions and keyboard functions to optimize their WordLogic experience.

The Company’s WordLogic Handheld allows a user to scan their desktop computer for e-mail addresses, contact lists, and more. They can then add these new words to their Personal Dictionary for use on their handheld device. WordLogic Handheld is available in the English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

Earlier this month, WordLogic Corporation announced that their patented predictive text solution is available for Windows Mobile compatible handheld devices. The handheld version of the Company’s patented software can now be utilized to speed up the entry of text and information on all pocket PCs, smartphones, and portable media centers.