One company that is starting to catch the attention of investors is WordLogic. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, WordLogic has become a pioneer in their field. Today, WordLogic took a major step towards enhancing its future with the announcement that it will offer patented software that will combine contextual text and touch screen technology.

Frank Evanshen serves as the WordLogic’s President CEO and Chairman. He has a rich history in his industry and has been a noted name in venture financing for over 20 years. Prior to focusing exclusively on WordLogic, Evanshen was Chairman of Equity Pacific Capital Corporation, Chairman and President of Meridian Mercantile, and chairman of MCC Meridian Capital Corporation.

Evanshen was introduced to WordLogic in 2001 as a Venture Capitalist and was so impressed with the company that he became personally involved and this relationship eventually led to him becoming a 37% owner.

When asked about WordLogic’s new software, Evanshen was quoted as saying, “WordLogic software innovation performs perfectly for any form of touch screen by allowing easy input and the ability to add large forms of text without further key strokes through gesturing. At the same time, our contextual or semantic search algorithms can speed up multi-tier searches on virtually any platform—including mobile, smart phones, games, laptops, desktops and tablets.”

Evanshen went on to state this software is the first of its kind and that WordLogic has many products in their pipeline. If one wants to learn more about the array of products WordLogic is producing or the patented software which will combine contextual search and touch screen technology, visit their website at:

Currently, WordLogic is trading in the $0.18 range. With a dedicated leader like Frank Evanshen in place and software technology that has the potential to improve the technology industry, WordLogic is definitely a company to keep an eye on.

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