G-7 continues to monitor the forex market very closely and is concern about the fluctuations in exchange rates. Most of the analysers said that these words would help to the dollar not to lose so fast against the major currency. In World-Signals.com we do not believe the win of the dollar by G-7 meeting. The dollar will remain under new attacks and we can see levels of 1.60 and above this month said George Marshal analyser in World-Signals.com. At the same time the cut of oil production by OPEC will boost the oil above $112 up to $115 in very short time that will help to the euro to gain against the dollar above 1.60. The world economy is in crisis and we are not seeing the bottom yet, said George Marshal. The situation will out of control if all majors banks not start working together to avoid the consequences by the credit crisis and U.S. recession together with strong inflation in Europe. The inflation will remain the main concern for Europe. Europe will give to the world the inflation crisis, while U.S. spread the credit crisis. U.S. and Europe send to the world recession, high inflation, as the crisis already starts in Europe.