“World Of Warcraft” ("WoW") has unveiled the Selfie Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes, which gives players of the video game several chances to win prizes -- including Battle.net Balance codes, Blizzard gear, an Apple iPhone 6 64GB (unlocked) worth $749 and a trip for two to BlizzCon 2015. The sweepstakes started Monday and will run until June 22. Photos must be received by 12:01 a.m. PDT June 22 to be eligible for prizes.

The scavenger hunt is a weekly photo contest in which players must find the location of the image featured on the contest’s website. Then, they must take a similar picture of their in-game character in that location and submit it to increase their chances of winning.

“WoW” players can use the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera to take a photo of their in-game character. It is given as an award after completing the level 100 Garrison Mission. Those who haven’t been able to accomplish that mission yet can take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen button on their keyboard. It will be saved in the “World of Warcraft” game folder.

After taking the selfie of their in-game character in the location featured for a particular week, “WoW” players must upload the image and enter their first name, last name, country and a valid Battle.net email in the “World Of Warcraft” Selfie Scavenger Hunt sweepstakes website.

Photo entries must be an original, high-resolution JPEG file that doesn’t exceed 5 MB. The use of PhotoShop or any image manipulation software will result in disqualification from the Selfie sweepstakes.

Click here to read the complete Rules and Regulations of the weekly photo contest. Click here to learn more about taking “World of Warcraft” screenshots.

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Watch The WowCraft Special – Selfie Invasion Video Below:

CREDIT: YouTube/World of Warcraft