WorldGate, – the digital voice, service and video phone industry leader with an edge in next-gen vidphones, announced a second purchase order (26,000 units of the new digital vidphone) from the world’s largest direct telecom services seller, ACN, Inc., today.

With a 300k minimum purchase agreement for vidphones on an OEM basis over two years, ACN has a global distribution network spanning North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand which is eager to get their hands on the devices.

Completion of the original May 6th order, of 15k units, prompted this additional order, which is scheduled to ship as soon as QA testing and technical acceptance is validated.

Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for WorldGate, Allan Van Buhler, cited ACN’s purchase of 41k units before the official launch as a strong endorsement of the Company’s “best-in-class video telephony expertise and continuing residential and SMB market adoption of video telephony”.

Van Buhler reaffirmed the Company’s commitment to providing the very highest in quality, true-to-life video communications on the market – calling the advent of the Company’s new vidphone a “game changer” that takes things to a whole new level.

WorldGate’s new Ojo® Vision has a crystal clear, high-res screen producing exemplary video quality, and comes loaded with a suite of intuitive telephony features, rich video apps, powerhouse networking technology, and a bevy of additional features like three-way videoconferencing.

The Company’s patented technology platform enables other service providers to offer turn-key digital voice and video phone services, meaning that with very little investment and risk they can leverage the powerful platform to enhance overall profitability and provide true speed-to-market performance. The Company even offers select programs for retail, agent, wholesale, white label and private label sales.