Forbes magazine revealed its 25th annual ranking of the richest men on the earth. The ranking is based on the reporting of 50 journalists across 13 countries.

The 2011 ranking reinforces the observed shifts in global economic power with a steep increase in the number of billionaires from the emerging BRIC economies: The number of billionaires from China almost doubled to 115, while with 101 and 30 representations respectively, Russia and Brazil saw a two-third jump. India had 55, which is six more than last year's representation.

However, the top 10 list, though it has not changed much when compared to last year, does seem to include some significant changes within; the only newcomer, however, is Christy Walton (and family) of Walmart-fame who moved up two slots from #12 to replace Karl Albrecht as the richest woman in the world.

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