The world's deadliest Brazilian spider has been found in a warehouse in Britain. The arachnid, called the wandering spider, is known to leave a person dead if no medical intervention takes place within the specified time period.

The spider was discovered by Lee Hilton, a factory worker in a warehouse in Tamwords, Midlands. The spider, which is normally found in tropical South America, is believed to have come over on pallets from its native country, reported the Metro.

"I noticed that it had some spots on its legs and I know wolf spiders don't have that. I told my friend to watch it and not let it out of his sight and ran into the warehouse and got a plastic tub. I put the tub beside it and coaxed it into the tub, put the lid on the tub and sellotaped it on," explained Hilton, in an interview with BBC.

The spider, which is the largest one ever seen in Britain, has been identified as a female by Bristol Zoo authorities. It is currently being examined with the help of tests in London. The wandering spider was listed as the world's most venomous arachnid in by Guinness World Records in 2010.

“You would have about six hours’ worth of pain. If you weren’t able to get the anti-venom within those six hours, it can lead to paralysis and in some cases it can lead to death,” explained James Ship from the Stratford Butterfly Farm, in a statement.

In a past accident, a wandering spider killed two Brazilian children. In 2005, a Briton was left hospitalized for a week after he got bit by the monstrous spider, which got delivered in a shipment of bananas to the country.