In the United States, it is often said that there is an obesity epidemic and that the Europeans are known for eating healthier than their neighbors across the pond. However, someone needs to tell that to Keith Martin.

Weighing 812 pounds, or 58 stones, Keith Martin of London has been categorized as the world's fattest man.  Martin's weight has gotten so out of control that he requires 18 people to care for him 24 hours a day and keep him alive, but Martin said there is only one person to blame for his condition.

I blame myself, said Martin, according to Yahoo. It was my fault and I hate what I have done to myself.

The 42-year-old is bedridden and unable to find any clothes that fit him, with a waist measuring about 6 feet. He spends his day watching television, waiting for his medical team to shift his weight or take to him for frequent hospital visits for checkups.

Martin needs four caretakers to visit him twice a day and four nurses to wash him and monitor his health at least three days a week. His two sisters have also moved in with him, as they clean his house and cook for him.  

Martin has an unusual daily diet, consisting of eight hotdogs and ham sandwiches for breakfast. He chooses a large selection of chocolate bars and biscuits with sausages for lunch.

And then of course comes Martin dinner.  He usually consumes in two whole roasts with a bag of chips on the side.

My mother died when I was 16 and I didn't care about anything after that and I couldn't care less about what happened to me--I ate anything and everything, the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

Living in England, his weight problem doesn't become just the issue of Martin, his caretakers and his family. According to the Daily Mail, it costs £50,000 in taxpayer money to keep him alive.

But this isn't the last time the world will see Martin. He is set to become a reality start for London's Channel 5 Big Body Squad.