World's Most Exotic Vacation Destinations for 2011

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  • 1. Krasnaya Polyana, Russia
    A small urban settlement and a resort city near the southern Russian city of Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana is located against the scenic backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains. Heliskiing or downhill skiing by a helicopter happens to be the most popular activity attracting skiers and tourists. Winters turn this place into a skiing hot spot in Russia. Less adventure seekers can enjoy the hills through four chairlifts in the region. Quite a lot of hotels, restaurants and chalets offer comfortable accommodation. For more information about a Luxury Stay in Krasnaya Polyana, Russia, please visit Grand Hotel Polyana. In picture: Grand hotel Polyana is seen at Krasnaya Polyana in the Black Sea resort of Sochi. REUTERS/Grigory Dukor
  • 2. Venice, Italy
    Feasts and fanfare during Venice Carnival attract over 30000 tourists each day every year. As the carnival in Venice ends on March 8, this year, the charisma of the place as an exotic destination continues to grow unabated. The traditional Venetian Masks celebration in which people move around with distinct masks on their faces, holds major attraction to the city, as colorful costumes, chocolates and traditional food add to the allure. For more information about a Luxury Stay in Venice, Italy, please visit Hotel Rialto. In picture: A masked reveller poses in Saint Mark Square during the Venetian Carnival in Venice. REUTERS/Max Rossi
  • Mount Fuji
    Tourists can easily climb Mount Fuji, Japan's highest mountain, in 7-10 hour round trip climb that makes the place extremely approachable. The famous Mount Fuji gets more exotic during Spring when blooming national flower cherry blossoms viewing around the mountain attract visitors to its charm. The Japan National Tourist Organization reported that over eight million international travelers visited Japan in 2010. According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourism grew 7% in 2010 and is expected to increase worldwide in 2011. For more information about a Luxury Stay in Mount Fuji, Japan, please visit Japanese Guest Houses. REUTERS/Michael Caronna
  • 4. Cape Town, South Africa
    Cape Town can get as exotic as you discover it deep. With its spectacular mountains and gorgeous beaches, Cape Town is perfect for outdoor activities like rock climbing, wind surfing and cycling. And after seeing lions and elephants on safari further north, you can watch whales, penguins and seals in the waters around the Cape of Good Hope. For more information about a Luxury Stay in Cape Town, South Africa, please visit The BayHotel. In picture: Waves crash the shoreline of Muizenberg, a suburb of Cape Town. REUTERS
  • 5. Machu Picchu Ruins, Peru
    If you are Wondering how ruins can be exotic vacation destinations, you ought to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru. The city of Machu Picchu was built around AD 1400. An eco-tourism destination, the ancient city of Inca Empire that lies at a breathtaking location, on a mountain ridge of Urubamaba Valley in Peru has been attracting tourists and nature-lovers for long. An important cultural site depicting art and architecture of the Inca style, Machu Picchu is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For more information about a Luxury Stay in Machu Picchu, Peru, please visit Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares
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