The world's oldest panda Ming Ming has died at the age of 34 at the Xiangjiang Wild Animal World in Guangdong Province, according to Chinese state media.

Ming Ming died of old age and kidney failure on May 7 but the announcement was held until Tuesday.

The female panda had lived at Xiangjiang since 1998 after she was rescued from the forest as an abandoned cub in 1977 and brought into captivity. It also travelled to zoos in London and Ireland during her long life.

Usually Pandas have an average life span of 15 years in the wild life and 22 years in captivity.

Pandas are one of the world’s most endangered species. There are only 1,600 in the wild and about 300 in captivity in China. Most of in a breeding program aimed at boosting the population.

Scientists tried to encourage Ming Ming to mate with a male Berlin panda Bao Bao when Berlin panda Bao Bao. But she failed to produce any cubs as the two fought instead.