When one pictures the world's scariest roller coaster, certain images may come to mind. One may think of a multi-million dollar ride affiliated with a blockbuster movie at some world famous amusement park. But that could prove to be a common misconception.

The world's scariest roller coaster may actually be a single-pipe downhill cruise in Mieders, Austria, which is a popular skiing and snowboarding travel destination. 

A video has gone viral of an particularly adventurous individual named David Ellis who recorded footage of his journey down the roller coaster.

The single-pipe alpine coaster is located in the hills of Mieders, Austria, and is typically used by tourists who want to catch a glimpse of the country's scenic beauty. The travel slowly along the line, taking photographs and marveling at nature's landscape. 

Ellis' trip was not so leisurely.

Ellis did not apply the brakes during his ride. Hence, the danger factor is amplified and the tourist attraction turns into a death-defying ride.

Ellis recorded every second of the steep trip down the mountainside. The video currently has over 2 million hits on YouTube.

He includes a description: This is a single-pipe alpine coaster in Mieders, Austria. You reach the summit via a cablecar and then sit on a small car with a brake lever and off you go. Having ridden it once using a little braking, I decided to try it a second time without using the brakes. This is SCARY! Enjoy the ride!

Of the 1,412 comments left, many were in awe. AWESOME posted one viewer. You can feel the speed and how steep it is, ?and that while I'm behind my computer! posted another. D--- that looks fun, wrote another.

View the video of Ellis' ride below.

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