WorldVest, Inc., an industry-leading global merchant bank, today announced engagement with RD-Tek Co., Ltd., a discrete measurement and simulation developer, as a business development & financial advisor. South Korea-based RD-Tek will be aided by WOVT in the global distribution of proprietary 3D golf simulation technology, with emphasis on North America and a secondary emphasis on South America.

Looking for strategic partnerships within the sporting goods and golf sectors, WOVT will seek to enhance RD-Tek’s profile within these markets while providing financial/logistical support.

With the ultimate goal of establishing RD-Tek as the world’s premier developer of golf simulators for private instruction, home entertainment and commercial applications, WOVT will maintain an advisory role in the partnership, skillfully guiding the successful deployment of RD-Tek’s fun and exciting simulation technology.

The expertise in discrete measurement hardware and development of software systems which can harness the data generated by such hardware makes RD-Tek a cut above other developers when it comes to creating golf simulators, which can greatly assist both amateur and professional golfers in improving their form.

While developed for instructional purposes, simulators like the Company’s flagship model X-Golf Pro afford users a simulation so realistic that it can even substitute for the real thing, only with drastically reduced greens fees and the removal of environmental anomalies like weather, all from the convenience of a single stand-alone unit.

The X-Golf Pro uses an array of high-speed wireless sensors capable of analytical fidelity unsurpassed by competitors, providing a sophisticated, real-time feedback environment which allows players to analyze their technique while enjoying a real-world golf experience.

The X-Golf Pro uses more sensors than any other product available on the market to date, allowing the system to discriminate in minute detail, accurately measure every move the player makes, and replicate nearly every situation and condition which would occur on a real-world golf course.

Supported by real-time, web-based tutorials and instructions, a persistent online player profile and even offering online match play, RD-Tek products offer the most authentic and engaging golf simulators available.

Chairman and CEO of WOVT Garrett K. Krause spoke about the Engagement, pointing out that – in a world which is “getting smaller everyday” – abundant opportunities necessarily emerged for “international trade and business development transactions”.

Krause emphasized WOVT’s “global infrastructure” which has been systematically developed to handle the needs of foreign companies for succeeding and growing in a “global marketplace”. He expressed his delight to be working with a company as “promising as RD-Tek”, to which WOVT was introduced by its partner, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and he said that he looked forward to the “shared success of all parties involved in this project”.

This move by WOVT is part of its overall strategic initiative to partner with high-growth companies in promising foreign markets, where the Company can prosper by participating in the world’s most robust economies.

Another goal of WOVT is to leverage its global infrastructure spanning the U.S., South Korea, China and Brazil to access the most innovative and sought after commodities, products and technologies available worldwide.

Offering investment banking, advisor services and asset management while also directly investing in select ventures, WOVT seeks to define a new standard which bridges the gaps between traditional investment banking, venture capital, and private equity.

This new relationship with RD-Tek is the hallmark of WOVT’s global business development strategy. The Company has already entered into several preliminary discussions with additional parties and anticipates the announcement of other profitable ventures in the near future.