The world weary because of factors like war, recession, unemployment and fear shed its collective burden on Tuesday, with worldwide soars to celebrate the arrival of the new American president.

From Kenya and Indonesia, where Barack Obama has family ties, to areas around the world, Obama represented a volcanic explosion of hope for better days ahead.

In Kenya, feasts were being prepared, beer with Obama's name on it put out and movie screens erected so neighbors could join together for the moment. Bulls and goats were slaughtered for feasts in Kenya and caterers prepared for black-tie balls in the capitals of Europe.

Obama's themes were echoed throughout the world. At the United Nations complex overlooking the Danube River in Vienna, Austria, someone wrote YES, WE CAN! in giant block letters in the snow.

A 34-year-old Indonesian magazine photographer has won media attention in recent weeks as an Obama look-alike, appearing in a television commercial for heartburn medication in the Philippines.

In Sweden, African-American singer Cyndee Peters was hosting a show named A Gala for Obama, featuring dozens of Swedish soul, jazz, hip-hop, gospel, folk and blues artists.

In London, Americans could get free admission to Madame Tussaud's waxworks to see the new figure of Obama, and Queen Elizabeth II sent the new president a personal message of support. Parties were scheduled in dozens of venues, from ritzy hotels to local sports bars.

In the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, where Obama spent four years as a young boy, students from his former school swayed and spun in bright, traditional costumes representing Indonesia's ethnically diverse tropical islands.

In the Japanese town of Obama, famous hula dancers performed. Obama was born in Hawaii. Businesses pumped out Barack Obama sweet bean cakes, chopsticks, T-shirts, fish burgers, neck ties and noodles.

Saleh al-Mohaisen, who runs a jewelry store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, said he was overjoyed when Obama was elected.

I felt that he could understand Arab suffering, he said. I love him despite his silence, he said. I feel we share the same blood.

Obama fever is all over the whole world as he promises a new era of hope over fear. I think what he stands for needs to be celebrated.