Analyst said software budgets will increase 1.53% globally in 2010, according to a Gartner survey on Tuesday, amid reductions in IT budgets in enterprises.

In U.S spending, the firm expects North America to decline 2.06 percent, EWAA of slightly positive at 0.45 percent for 2010, Latin America will rise 2.54 per cent, and in Asia Pacific, software budgets will increase 4.34 per cent.

Software vendors should continue to build, fund and invest in software sales and marketing programs, even during tight market conditions to maintain customers and expand revenue opportunities, said Joanne Correia, managing vice president at Gartner.

A market downturn is a disrupter that creates great marketing and sales opportunities for organizations prepared to take advantage of the right products, marketing programs and funding, she added.

Gartner also advices vendors to improve on their abilities to strengthen their relationships with IT, change its market tactics according to the demand, and must understand and address the most critical needs of IT and the business of their current and prospective clients.

“Software vendors also need to develop a stronger presence through partnerships or an extended salesforce in emerging markets where higher budget increases are expected,” said Correia