The “Worms” series will be celebrating its 20th anniversary soon. For that occasion, developer Team 17 has announced “Worms WMD” for the Xbox One and PC in 2016. The studio also announced “Worms 4” would be coming to the iTunes App Store this month. Both games will be playable next week at Gamescom 2015.

While a lot of details have yet to be revealed, VG24/7 reported “Worms WMD” will be a throwback to older games in the “Worms” series by featuring 2D worms and hand-drawn environments to match the characters. Though there have been a few games in the “Worms” series that have had 3D graphics like “Worms 3D,” many of the series’ fans prefer the 2D games like the original “Worms” and the newer ones for mobile devices. This is probably why it will be in 2D, despite coming out in a current-gen console like the Xbox One.

As for how the game plays, fans can expect “Worms WMD” to stick with the core real-time strategy gameplay of the series, but with some new mechanics. Players can now have their worms enter buildings for protection and strategic placing. New vehicles will also be added to “Worms WMD,” though what they are has yet to be revealed yet.

For mobile gamers, “Worms 4” will feature smaller teams and shorter match lengths that will supposedly suit the platform better since most smartphone and tablet users prefer quick gaming sessions. That doesn’t mean “Worms 4” will be lacking content, as IGN has confirmed that the upcoming “Worms” mobile game will have 80 single-player missions and online multiplayer matches as in previous mobile iterations of the series.

“Worms 3” is the current free app of the week on the iTunes App Store, so fans interested in “Worms 4” will have time to familiarize themselves on how the core gameplay of the series plays. Normally, the game costs $4.99.

Further updates on either “Worms WMD” or “Worms 4” will be released sometime next week during Gamescom. It should be interesting for fans to see what Team 17 has up its sleeve for the series’ 20th anniversary.

Worms WMD - World Exclusive Reveal Interview (Credit: YouTube/gamereactorTV)