Today a state of uncertainty persists on the EU soil and accordingly investors are now very cautious since that the financial markets waiting for result of a vote the Slovak Parliament on the expansion project rescue fund (EU), despite the postponement of the vote, while Prime Bank ECB Jean - Claude Trichet in the context of a separate European debt crisis that threatens the European financial system.

We have seen today, a stable dollar index, which measures the performance of the dollar against six major currencies including the euro and the Japanese yen and the pound sterling near the levels of opening, currently trading at levels of 77.68 since the opening of trading at levels of 77.67, its highest level during the day at 77.95 and achieving the lowest level during the day at 77.49.

The gold has witnessed a decline on the daily chart during the current period is currently trading at 1657.99 U.S. $ per troy ounce, since the opening of trading at 1673.61 U.S. $ per troy ounce, while U.S. crude oil has settled is the one in today's trading, reaching 85.73 dollars per barrel, since the opening of trading at levels of U.S. $ 85.31 a barrel.

This we have seen today, rising EUR / USD slightly, indicating that the levels of the opening which now amount to $ 1.3626, has made the pair the highest level at 1.3673 dollars during the day, while has the lowest at 1.3565 dollars, knowing that the pair had settled into a trading currently at 1.3645 dollars, so the pair is a point of resistance coming at 1.3665 dollars, after the penetration levels of the important resistance at 1.3620 U.S. dollars, except that the levels of support remains at 1.3620 U.S. dollars, following a turning point from the point of resistance to the point of support far penetrate the husband.

The GBP / USD has fallen during the day, where the pair began trading today at 1.5646 dollars, the pair has achieved its highest level at 1.5664 dollars during the day, while the lowest achieved at 1.5580 U.S. dollars, while the pair is trading currently at U.S. $ 1.5587, with the knowledge that her husband is now trying to penetrate the support level at 1.5555 dollars, and if it succeeds in breach, the level of support will be the next at 1.5495 dollars, and will become the point 1.5555 dollars from the point of support to the point of resistance, while remaining resistance levels at the moment at 1.5690 U.S. dollars.

In the end, by addressing the pair of U.S. - Japanese Yen, has settled her husband during the trading session today near the levels of the opening, where the pair began trading at 76.66 yen, has made the pair the highest level at 76.76 yen during the day, while its lowest at 76.60 yen, while the pair is currently at 76.70, so the trading pair remains confined between the levels of resistance at 76.95 yen, levels of support at 76.40 yen.