With the market peaking just under a month ago, it is always interesting to see which stocks have fared the worst. If you are not a trend follower type of investor, and have a longer term time frame sometimes you can pick up some bargains.  Further, if you see groups of stocks from the same sector you can figure out specific rotations HAL9000's algo's have been telling it to perform.

Here is a list of 42 stocks that have lost at least a fifth of their value in the past month (market cap at least $300M).  A cursory glance shows a lot of tech stocks, which would make sense considering the NASDAQ's under performance of late.

TickerCompanyReturn Mkt Cap 
FNSRFinisar Corp.-47.5%               1,824
BKSBarnes & Noble, Inc.-45.4%                  609
CEDCCentral European Distribution Corp.-44.1%                  854
HSFThiSoft Technology International Ltd.-37.9%                  576
DAKTDaktronics Inc.-34.6%                  433
NTRINutriSystem Inc.-32.8%                  355
RCKBDRockville Financial, Inc.-32.6%                  311
CCSCCountry Style Cooking Restaurant -32.5%                  405
CISCamelot Information Systems Inc.-31.5%                  673
FNFabrinet-29.8%                  713
RLOCReachLocal, Inc.-28.6%                  487
AMLNAmylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-28.3%               1,593
ATMLAtmel Corporation-27.2%               5,359
MDASMedAssets, Inc.-27.2%                  872
NTSPNetSpend Holdings, Inc.-26.4%                  948
OCLROclaro, Inc.-26.2%                  609
JDSUJDS Uniphase Corporation-25.0%               4,734
NVDANVIDIA Corporation-24.8%            10,260
MMIMotorola Mobility Holdings, Inc-24.7%               6,904
MOTRMotricity, Inc.-24.5%                  555
REERare Element Resources Ltd.-24.2%                  449
IDCCInterDigital, Inc.-24.2%               1,904
OPLKOplink Communications Inc.-23.5%                  412
OMXOfficeMax Inc.-23.4%               1,107
NTAPNetApp, Inc.-23.2%            17,113
STECSTEC, Inc.-23.1%                  936
CISGCninsure Inc.-23.1%                  700
CCJCameco Corp.-23.0%            12,845
UISUnisys Corporation-22.9%               1,315
NAKNorthern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.-22.7%               1,327
TNSTNS Inc.-22.3%                  393
HOLIHollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd-21.9%                  709
SPRDSpreadtrum Communications Inc.-21.6%                  886
PBYPep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack-21.5%                  595
LOPEGrand Canyon Education, Inc.-21.4%                  684
CQPCheniere Energy Partners LP.-21.4%               2,823
TNDMNeutral Tandem, Inc.-21.3%                  466
GTYGetty Realty Corp.-21.2%                  677
MRVLMarvell Technology Group Ltd.-21.1%            10,141
MIPSMIPS Technologies Inc.-20.8%                  588
CYCypress Semiconductor Corporation-20.5%               3,252
HGGhhgregg, Inc.-20.5%                  544