Following Batista’s Royal Rumble victory, it appeared that he, alone, would challenge Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 30. Now, two other superstars have a chance to claim the title at the biggest event in WWE history.

In last week’s “Occupy Raw” segment, Daniel Bryan was granted a match with Triple H at WrestleMania 30. The stipulation was added that he’d get a spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match, if he is able to defeat the COO. On Monday, Triple H announced that he’d give himself a shot at the title, after beating Bryan.

For the past two months, the title picture has been very unclear. Fans had been wondering whether or not Bryan would join Orton and Batista in a triple-threat match. There were also rumors that CM Punk might return to fight for the championship.

Even with WrestleMania 30 less than three weeks away, it’s still uncertain how things will unfold in New Orleans. Here’s a look at the different possible scenarios for the April 6 match.

Randy Orton (C) vs. Batista vs. Daniel Bryan

This triple-threat seems like the most logical match. No matter how the fans have reacted to Batista’s return, he was guaranteed a spot in the match with his Royal Rumble victory. Bryan has also earned a spot in the match, having been screwed out of the title by The Authority on countless occasions. Even if he were to lose the title, Bryan would get the victory over Triple H, and could continue his quest to become champion in the summer.

Randy Orton (C) vs. Batista vs. Triple H

It’s highly unlikely that this match would take place on the PPV. The WWE had to add another superstar to the match, once it was forced to turn Batista heel. He may no longer wrestle every week, but Triple H remains the biggest heel in the company. Having three “bad guys” compete against each other for the title at WrestleMania would be unprecedented, and Orton isn't becoming a babyface any time soon.

Randy Orton (C) vs. Batista vs. Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan’s victory over Triple H is not certain, but his spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is all but set in stone. If Triple H defeats Bryan, it will likely be through less than honorable tactics. There have been rumors for months that Vince McMahon could soon return to WWE TV and start a feud with Triple H. After a controversial Triple H victory, McMahon could use his power to insert Bryan into the match, making it a fatal four-way.