WTO members began negotiating Vietnam’s membership to the trade body on Monday. The talks are aimed at concluding the final terms of agreement and completing the deal by the end of the month.

“Today marks the final stage of Viet Nam’s accession process, we have in front of us the complete package of documents representing Viet Nam’s terms of membership to the WTO. … Clearly this working party is now very close to completion.” Norwegian Ambassador Eirik Glenne, chairperson of Vietnam’s membership working party, told delegates in a brief formal meeting.

Ambassador Glen has set this Friday as the deadline for all key issues to be addressed. Once that is done, he said, can a date be set for Viet Nam’s inclusions.

“This means that very intensive work must be carried out this week to close all the remaining issues,” Ambassador Glenne said. “I recognize it is tight, but we have no alternative.”

The three key documents that will be revised include “Viet nam’s commitments on goods”, which will look at its commitments on tariffs and agricultural subsidies. Secondly, “Viet Nam’s commitments on services” will be discussed, which looks at the foreign service providers and any additional conditions, including limits on foreign ownership. Thirdly, “The Working party’s report” will be considered as it discusses Vietnam’s legal and institutional trade set up.