WWA Group, Inc. announced the results of its most recent Dubai auction, which was held between February 21 and 23, 2009. Gross auction sales surpassed $22.5 million, involving the participation of more than 410 registered bidders from 29 countries. More than 1,300 items were sold to 230 successful bidders. The company anticipates holding five more auctions in Dubai this year.

“The large number of bidders and buyers at the auction was refreshing, and indicates that the market for used equipment remains strong,” commented Eric Montandon, CEO of WWA Group. “Prices were generally higher than at our December 2008 auction, and the crowd was larger and more enthusiastic than seen at previous auctions. We are convinced by this surge in general interest that the number of equipment buyers attracted to our unreserved auction process is on the increase as buyers seek our real time market prices for used equipment.”

Actual sale prices for the items sold at the auction are published for members at www.ironauctions.com. Member registration is free. The website also lists equipment that will be for sale at upcoming WWA Group auctions. Anyone interested in consigning equipment to the auctions, or registering to bid, can e-mail info@ironauctions.com.