World Wrestling Entertainment has set a new standard for its weekly show after the 1,000th episode of "RAW" last week. Now it's time for the WWE to put on the next episode of "Monday Night RAW," and it has another three-hour time slot to fill with more legends, a follow-up to CM Punk's heel turn and more of the usual wrestling antics.

Last Monday's show was special; it won't be every week that you get to see The Rock, Brock Lesnar, D-Generation X and everything else that audiences got on "RAW 1000." There may be other WWE legends on hand like Tatanka, Steve Blackman and Big Daddy V, though.

Wrestling rumors and spoilers site NoDQ reports that these three former superstars are among the most likely to be turn up tonight.

Apparently there were many more former wrestlers backstage at "RAW 1000" than showed up on TV. NoDQ claims that sources are indicating that some of the wrestlers who weren't used will appear on coming shows since the Legends segments have been so well received.

"WWE officials are strongly considering making the feature routine by having one former superstar brought back on every show," reports NoDQ. "The re-emergence of former talent such as Vader, Sycho Sid and Bob Backlund caused part of a lapsed wrestling audience to tune in to WWE programming again."

The main event advertised for tonight on is an explanation from CM Punk, who turned heel by attacking The Rock at "RAW 1000." The WWE Champion was last seen on TV being booed out of the arena and is expected to drop another "pipe bomb" when he picks up the mic tonight.

Despite turning on the fans, CM Punk has been met with applause at WWE live events. NoDQ says he was still the fan favorite in his triple-threat match against Daniel Bryan and Kane at a non-televised show in Pikeville, Ky., last week.

Another return to RAW will be former interim General Manager John Laurinaitis. WWE is advertising that he will be teaming up with Big Show in a handicap match against John Cena. is also promoting a confrontation with Ziggler and Jericho for tonight, saying "It's only a matter of time before these two settle their differences in the ring. Will it be Monday night?" The two probably won't have a one-on-one match, but their rivalry has been escalating, which is unusual becasue they are both heels (or villain wrestlers).

With Ziggler currently holding the Money in the Bank contract for the World Heavyweight Title, and Jericho not planning on staying with the company much longer, Ziggler is more likely to become a face (or hero wrestler). Defeating a villain like Jericho could put Ziggler over with the fans before he can cash in his Money in the Bank contract, which will most likely make him the World Heavyweight Champion.

The landscape of the entire show is set to change after last week's announcement that A.J. Lee would become the new RAW General Manager. WWE's website is teasing altercations between Lee and former on-screen fiancé Daniel Brian.