Six wrestlers will compete in Sunday’s Money in the Bank ladder match, and the winner will earn a WWE World Championship opportunity at the moment of their choosing. But only a few superstars have a legitimate chance to win the briefcase, with most of the field being long shots to earn a title shot.

The briefcase virtually guarantees that whoever wins it will become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The only wrestlers that failed to win their cash-in attempt were John Cena in 2012 and Damien Sandow in 2013.

Seth Rollins became the first person to ever cash in at WrestleMania, pinning Roman Reigns to win the belt at WrestleMania 31. Sheamus won the Money in the Bank ladder match last year, cashing in on Reigns at Survivor Series in November.

Below are the betting odds for Money in the Bank 2016, courtesy of

Kevin Owens                 5-7

Owens makes the most sense to win the briefcase. He’s easily had the most success of any recent NXT call-up, winning the Intercontinental Championship twice and appearing on every PPV since he debuted on the main roster last May. His feud with Sami Zayn likely isn’t over, and the briefcase could add even more intrigue to their storyline.

Dean Ambrose              5-2

Aside from Owens, Ambrose might be the only wrestler in the ladder match with a real chance of winning the briefcase. He doesn’t necessarily need the briefcase, since he’s been in plenty of main events over the course of his short career. But giving it to Ambrose would be an easy way of creating a triple threat match between himself, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, which seems to be the planned main event of SummerSlam.

Chris Jericho                 6-1

He hasn’t held the belt in 15 years, and at 45 years old, Jericho’s days of holding the company’s top title are likely over. It makes more sense to give the briefcase to one of the younger wrestlers in his match. Jericho, however, has been one of WWE’s best heels since he returned, and there’s a small chance he’ll win the briefcase, only to cash in and lose.

Cesaro                              9-1

It’s conceivable that Cesaro could one day become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but that day probably won’t come within the next few months. He’s one of the most popular mid-card babyfaces, and a run as IC champion could be in Cesaro’s near future.

Sami Zayn                      18-1

Zayn might be the smart long shot choice to win the briefcase. He eventually became the most popular wrestler in NXT, and he could win the briefcase and find himself much higher in the WWE pecking order a year from now. But it’s too soon for Zayn to be that close to becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Alberto Del Rio             25-1

Del Rio isn’t winning the briefcase. His title reign after beating John Cena for the United States Championship was brief, and he hasn’t been in a feud of consequence since WWE broke up the League of Nations.