CM Punk hasn’t wrestled since the 2014 Royal Rumble, and it appears that might have been his last and final appearance in WWE. Punk has finally opened up about his departure from the company, and he’s indicated that fans should give up on a possible return: “There's no working relationship, and there never will be ever again.”

In the 10 months since the wrestling superstar left WWE, Punk had not spoken publicly about leaving the company. On Wednesday, Colt Cabana released a nearly two-hour-long interview with Punk from his “Art of Wrestling” podcast. During the interview, Punk details his reasons for walking away. 

While the prevailing thought has been that Punk quit WWE, the 36-year-old told Cabana that he was actually fired on his wedding day. According to Punk, he responded to a text message from Triple H in June and told WWE’s COO that the two would talk after he returned from his honeymoon and received two royalty checks that were owed to him. Two days later, Punk received his termination papers.

“I was fired on my wedding day,” Punk said. “Very calculated and very deliberate. As much as I kind of chuckled at it and didn't let it affect my day, I was like 'once again, you pushed too (expletive) far. You pushed the wrong guy.'”

Shortly after Punk left in January, Vince McMahon told the wrestler that he was suspended for two months. Punk was reportedly under contract with WWE until July, but he was officially let go a month early.

There had been rumors multiple times over the course of 2014 that Punk would be making his return, most notably when “Monday Night Raw” came to Chicago, Punk’s hometown. It doesn’t appear that Punk was ever close to going back to WWE.

Punk listed many factors that contributed to his decision, but he highlighted his health, which was declining in his final months with WWE. He suffered a concussion at the Royal Rumble, and had been wrestling, with what he would later find out was a staph infection, for months.

Other than John Cena, Punk was WWE’s biggest star over the last five years. His 434-day WWE Title reign from November 2011 to January 2013 is the longest since Hulk Hogan’s championship run in the mid-1980’s.

Below is the CM Punk interview in its entirety.