WrestleMania 29 was billed as the biggest event in the history of the WWE, but the Pay-Per-View didn’t seem to live up to all the hype.

The match between CM Punk and the Undertaker stole the show, but the rest of the card played out as many had predicted. Triple H defeated Brock Lesnar, avoiding retirement. In the main event, John Cena beat The Rock for the WWE Championship.

While WrestleMania in 2013, itself, may have lacked surprises, the following day was filled with the drama that the PPV was lacking.

The day began with reports that The Rock had left New Jersey without telling Vince McMahon or any other top WWE officials of his departure. Multiple wrestling Web sites described “panic” and “chaos” backstage, as The Rock’s absence forced re-writes for the script of “Monday Night Raw.”

On the night after his loss, The Rock was scheduled to address the crowd, regarding his loss to Cena. According to reports, the plan was for Paul Heyman and Lesnar to interrupt the promo, setting up a potential WrestleMania 30 match between the two.

Shortly before “Raw” aired, The Rock said on Twitter that he couldn’t be on the show because he was “getting treatment for an injury that he suffered on Sunday night.  

“In the middle of last nights Wrestlemania match I tore my abdomen & adductor muscles off the bone,” tweeted The Rock. “Just part of the job.”

The WWE has corroborated the story, but one report is calling The Rock’s injury a cover-up. According to the Examiner, The Rock left because he was upset that he was forced to give Cena the title. A few days before WrestleMania 29, the Web site reported that the plan was for The Rock to beat Cena, who would turn heel. Dolph Ziggler would then cash in his Money in the Bank contract and win the championship.

The Examiner reports that the last minute change in plans, as well as Cena’s “arrogance,” angered The Rock and caused him to leave. The report seems, somewhat, far-fetched, since it’s unlikely that The Rock would be upset over giving Cena the belt.

Plans of the WWE turning Cena heel are also suspicious. Many fans have been clamoring for a change in Cena’s character, but the superstar has said on many occasions that he wants to remain a babyface. Without many marketable “good guys,” it might be an odd time for the WWE to make such a decision.

Even if The Rock did just leave because of an injury, his future with the WWE remains in doubt. In the past year, The Rock has wrestled just four matches in the WWE, suffering major injuries in two fights. At WrestleMania 28, the eight-time champion tore his right hamstring.

Since leaving the WWE as a full-time wrestler in 2002, The Rock has become one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood. His recent injury may require him to undergo surgery, eventually, though he is putting it off in order to film “Hercules.” Every time The Rock steps inside of the ring, he has a chance of getting hurt, risking his career as a top movie star.

Before the injury, The Rock was expected to be at the Extreme Rules PPV in May, as well as WrestleMania 30. Now, it’s unknown when, or if, The Rock will wrestle again.