The Aug. 20 episode of Monday Night RAW comes just one day after the controversial matches at SummerSlam, and features WWE's latest "social media ambassador," Khloé Kardashian. Brock Lesnar will address the WWE Universe, CM Punk and John Cena face each other after Punk stole a win, Alberto Del Rio reacts to an unjust loss and more, advertises

After what WWE is calling a "brutal spectacle" between Chief Operating Officer (COO) Triple H and UFC fighter Brock Lesnar ended with the storyline breaking of Triple H's arm, Lesnar will make his way to RAW to brag about his domination. The arm break was reported earlier on, and it is supposedly broken in the same place as it was on the April 30 episode of RAW, the first time Lesnar broke The Game's arm within the story.

Triple H isn't confirmed for RAW, and Lesnar isn't expected to be in a match again until Survivor Series, so there might not be a conflict on tonight's show. Like the last Lesnar vs. Triple H feud that was started back in April and took place on Sunday, the next one will likely have a long buildup.

WWE Champion CM Punk managed to retain his title at SummerSlam in a triple-threat match against Big Show and John Cena. With the odds against him, the Second City Saint took advantage of an opportunity to win by pinning Big Show after Cena hit the Giant with an Attitude Adjustment.

Once Cena hit the AA, Punk threw him through the ropes onto the outside and pinned Show off of Cena's efforts. This might not put Punk over with the fans or with the other people in the locker room, but the Straight-Edge Superstar has already cleared up that he doesn't care much about what anyone thinks after he attacked The Rock at RAW 1000.

Even though Big Show was involved in the main event for the WWE Title last night, it's unlikely that he will continue to be in the feud. From here on it will most likely be John Cena trying to regain the WWE Championship form CM Punk. A 10-time WWE Champion, Cena hasn't held the belt since Oct. 2, 2011.

The World Heavyweight Title match at SummerSlam also ended by questionable means when the champion Sheamus pinned his opponent Albert Del Rio. When a wrestler touches the ropes or the ring apron, it is supposed to automatically break the pin or submission hold that their opponent has on them, but the referee never saw the Mexican Aristocrat's foot and counted Sheamus as the winner.

Del Rio has issued a formal complaint about the result, according to The in-story article notes that the official has recognized his mistakes and SmackDown General Manager Booker T will propose his solution on Friday's show.

Khloé Kardashian is set to follow in the footsteps of Charlie Sheen and Pauly D by becoming tonight's social media ambassador for RAW. WWE has been promoting celebrities as social media ambassadors lately. The "job" just involves them tweeting about the show while it's going on; they aren't in attendance and Sheen only appeared on brief video chats twice.

After Chris Jericho left SummerSlam with a defeat over Dolph Ziggler, Y2J is advertised to appear on RAW. This comes as a surprise since Jericho has been scheduled to leave to tour with his heavy metal band Fozzy.

If Jericho has more time to give to the WWE before departing once again, he may continue his feud with Ziggler. With WWE most likely planning to give ZIggler the World Heavyweight Championship in the near future, since he won the Money in the Bank match, which almost always guarantees a title win, it would be strange for Jericho to come out of the rivalry on top.

Daniel Bryan won his first pay-per-view match since February by defeating Kane on Sunday. There is no word on what Bryan will be doing on RAW tonight, but Kane is promoted to be involved in an anger management segment after he attacked commentator Josh Mathews following his unsuccessful match.

The Tag Team Championships still rest on Kofi Kingston and R-Truth after their bout with The Prime Time Players Titus O'Neil and Darren Young. This wasn't the first time the teams have fought for the Tag Titles, and this may be an opening for a new team to step up and face the champs.

With the new tag team division being rebuilt in WWE, there are several teams who are in the works. Epico and Primo have already held the belts, but teams like Tyler Reks and Kurt Hawkins are prime candidates to push forward after they came out with a new gimmick and picked up a victory recently.

One match that was rumored for the SummerSlam card but cut due to time constraints was the Brodus Clay vs. Damien Sandow grudge match. Clay has been repeatedly attacked by the Self-Proclaimed Intellectual Savior of the Masses and is due for retribution.

The new United States Champion Antonio Cesaro won his title at the SummerSlam preshow. Though the rookie wrestler usually works on SmackDown, his championship status may earn him a spot on the premiere WWE show, RAW.