Six days before SummerSlam, WWE Monday Night RAW built tension for the matches at World Wrestling Entertainments biggest summer pay-per-view. Brock Lesnar attacked Shawn Michaels to incense Triple H, CM Punk was left hanging by John Cena, and the World Heavyweight Championship match between current champion Sheamus and no. 1 contender Alberto Del Rio remains canceled.

CM Punk and Big Show pulled double-duty on the Aug 13 edition of WWE RAW. The two main eventers started the show in a non-title match, but after it ended in a disqualification General Manager AJ Lee made a tag team match with CM Punk and John Cena facing Big Show and Daniel Bryan.

When a disgruntled Daniel Bryan interfered in the match to show the world he could make the WWE Champion tap out, Big Show was disqualified. Bryan, who was ranting about how he belonged in the WWE Title match at SummerSlam applied the No-Lock to Punk. Big Show then began to attack the WWE Champion as well, and John Cena came out to assist the wounded Punk.

This inspired the unlikely in storyline, but predictable to viewers tag team match between the four superstars. During the match Cena and Punk continually tried to outdo one another, even replicating each other moves which CM Punk took offense to before leaving the ring mid-match.

Once John Cena had won the match sans Punk, he was attacked by Big Show. The Straight-Edge Superstar took action and aided Cena, but when Punk extended a hand to his SummerSlam adversary, Cena refused to shake it.

There was even less respect between grudge match contenders Triple H and Brock Lesnar at the closing of the show. Shawn Michaels walked around the arena all night, paranoid about the run in Lesnar promised him last week.

When the two met it was the usual call out, where Lesnars and his manager Paul Heyman took to the ring and taunting HBK until his music hit and he walked to the ring. Before the situaiotn could escalate, Lesnar's opponent and the Show Stopper's close friend Triple H came out and Lesnar left rather than confront him.

Michaels and Lesnar did meet in the parking lot, however, with the MMA fight attacking Michaels, dragging him back to the arena and delivering an F5. After Lesnar continued to assault HBK, Triple H came to his rescue and Lesnar fled from ringside once again, leaving the feud heated for Sunday's big match.

SummerSlam is still missing a World Heavyweight Championship match following the cancelation of current champion Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio. There will likely be a follow up to the World Title's absense on this Friday's SmackDown.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper returned to WWE television once again for a special edition of Piper's Pit with a superstar of the WWE fan's choosing. After a vote via Twitter between Chris Jericho, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler, Jericho was selected.

As the interview segment progressed, both Miz and ZIggler interrupted and the three men were put in a triple threat mach. This marks the first time in the last three Miz matches where the Intercontinental Champion wasn't defeated. He still lost the match with Ziggler defeating Jericho before the two men face off at SummerSlam.

After not gaining a victory in over a week now, The Miz will face Rey Mysterio for the IC Title at SummerSlam. If Mysterio wins the championship from Miz, that will make him the third consecutive IC Champion who is also a former World Champion.

As the prestige of the IC Title goes up, the United States Championship's credibility declines. Current champion Santino Marella and rookie Antonio Cesaro will face off for the belt in the YouTube pre-show for SummerSlam.

The tag team division took a hit earlier this week when it was announced that the manager of The Prime Time Players, AW was released from his WWE contract. Darren Young and Titus O'Neil are still in the running for the Tag Team Championships this Sunday at SummerSlam, despite losing their ringside hype man.

The Players attacked R-Truth after the tag team champion defeated Heath Slater. Truth's partner and fellow Tag Champ Kofi Kingston wasn't in the arena, and The Players took advantage of the situation by sending a violent message to Kingston and Truth before their championship match.

Damien Sandow continued his push on RAW by defeating Christian. The newcomer managed to defeat the former World Champion, despite Christian's experience and an interruption by Brodus Clay.  

Ryback faced JTG in a squash match once again. It played out similarly to how Ryback matches almost always do, with the only difference being the music.

The powerhouse wrestler had a new entrance theme as he walked to the ring. NoDQ reports that his music was changed because WWE officials decided they want something that would make the crowd chant Ryback's catchphrase "Feed Me More!" before the matches.

Kane and Daniel Bryan didn't have a run in to promote their match at Sunday's pay-per-view. The two will be meeting at SummerSlam, possibly accompanied by Charlie Sheen, but Bryan was involved in the main tag team match for the evening.

DJ Pauly D was the Social Media Ambassador for the Aug 13 episode of RAW, but he didn't play as much of a role as Charlie Sheen did at RAW 1000. The "Jersey Shore" star stuck to tweeting, and even though he interacted with several superstars and comment on the show, Pauly D never appeared on screen.

Sin Cara faced Tensai in a short match where Tensai grounded Sin Cara at the beginning. The luchador managed to gain the upper hand and a victory after a tornado DDT.

For the second week in a row RAW featured a Divas match. This week the women of the WWE were in a tag match with Eve and Beth Phoenix fighting Layla and Kaitlyn. The match ended in an upset victory with the rookie Kaitlyn pinning Eve.