WWE “Raw” won’t be broadcast live tonight, as usual. It was taped last week from Pittsburgh to let performers have Christmas Eve off.

NoDQ reports that the show took a bizarre turn when Alberto del Rio hit Santa Claus with his car at the opening. The Mexican Aristocrat seemed to be in the process of turning face, but the vehicular incident that resulted in Father Christmas leaving the arena on a stretcher implies that those plans have been nixed.

John Cena defended young WWE fans later that night by defeating Del Rio in a Miracle on 34th Street Fight. The festive brawl featured a Christmas tree and presents at ringside, and Mick Foley dressed as Saint Nick and passed out presents.

CM Punk wasn’t in the holiday mood when he cut his promo, interrupting Hornswoggle, who was singing Christmas carols. The former leprechaun had been singing during a match that saw Brad Maddox lose to The Great Khali.

When the Second City Saint had the crowd’s attention, the WWE Champion ranted about Ryback injuring him. The man responsible – in the storyline – for Punk’s knee surgery came out and announced that Ryback vs. Punk will happen on the first live “Raw” of 2013, and the Jan. 7 bout will be a TLC match.

Sheamus defeated Big Show in a lumberjack match, with Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Santino Marella, Jimmy and Jay Uso, and 3MB, The Prime Time Players and Tensai around the ring. The lumberjacks got into a fight and a 10-man tag match was set up with Clay, Kidd, Gabriel, Marella, and the Usos defeating their heel opponents.

The Miz could be in line for a U.S. title match after The Awesome One teamed up with his former foe, the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, to win a tag match against Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro is the current U.S. champion, and Barrett and Kingston already have a rivalry going on, which sets Miz up for a title feud.

Each half of the Tag Team Champions defeated one of the No. 1-contending tag team. Kane defeated Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan defeated Damien Sandow.

The Christmas edition of “Raw” had an 8-Diva tag match, with no reports on whether the event was holiday-themed. Natalya, Alicia Foxx, Kaitlyn and Layla defeated Rosa Mendes, Eve, Aksana and Tamina, with Kaitlyn pinning Eve, the Divas Champion.