This Friday’s edition of WWE SmackDown was taped on Tuesday at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla.. The show featured WWE Champion CM Punk besting Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler, Big Show losing to Tensai by disqualification, and Kane and Daniel Bryan continuing to be victorious in the tag team division, according to NoDQ.

The SmackDown main event between Punk and Ziggler has all the talent of a WrestleMania main event. The match could even aid in turning Ziggler face if that’s the direction the company is going, and it could pave the way for future feuds between the two technicians.

In a perfect world, this could be the start a rivalry leading to Ziggler vs. Punk at Hell in a Cell, where the Showoff would become the first ever WWE Champion to hold a Money in the Bank contract, guaranteeing him a World Heavyweight Championship match whenever he wants. Then Ziggler picks up the World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus at a later date, and combines the belts making one, unified WWE World Champion.

This isn’t a perfect world, and there are countless reasons why this will not happen, but it would make for an excellent storyline. Bleach Report also noted that Ziggler would make a suitable substitute if John Cena couldn’t recover in time for this month’s pay-per-view Hell in a Cell.  

WWE likely won’t change the title so close to the Royal Rumble when The Rock will be taking the belt from whomever holds it. It would also go against the current interest of the company to ditch the two world title system, as degrading as it can be to the prestige of both belts, among several other reasons.

That doesn’t mean that Ziggler can’t be the backup and the two won’t have an amazing match come Oct. 28. Bleach Report states that it would do a service to Ziggler’s credibility to lose to Punk, considering that none of the current WWE Champion’s victories have been clean lately.

Tensai was hit with a Brogue Kick by the World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, and defeated Big Show by disqualification because of the attack, according to WHATCULTURE!. Apparently the Giant had interrupted Sheamus’s match with Miz earlier that night, hitting the Awesome One with a W.M.D. and causing the Celtic Warrior to lose via disqualification.

The WWE Tag Team Champions continued their winning streak by defeating the odd pairing of Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga. The unalike partners method doesn’t work for everyone, as Kane pinned Otunga after a Chokeslam, and Del Rio unceremoniously left his partner to face Kane and Daniel Bryan on his own in the midst of the match.

The tag team tournament to see who faces Kane and Bryan for the duo’s title belts at Hell in a Cell continued, with Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O’Neil) advancing, leaving former Tag Champs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston out of the mix.

This should be the end of the Kingston and Truth tag team; Both men are talented, but have little in common and have grown stale as a pair. Kingston showed that he is still valuable as a singles competitor in his match against Ziggler two weeks ago on RAW, which J.R. said was main event quality.

The night featured Ryback in a squash match against Primo, possibly to make the powerhouse look strong after he botched his finisher on RAW. He attempted to lift Tensai to his shoulders, and after two attempts couldn’t do it, making Ryback look weak.

Wade Barrett faced a jobber and was victorious. Barrett’s winning streak continues as he tries to make a name for himself once again in his short WWE run.

Layla defeated Alicia Fox in a singles match. WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres was on commentary for the bout.